I have a micropenis. I'm pathetic. My little wee wee is smaller than a paperclip. I love posting pictures just to get people to laugh at me. Yeah, it's a defense mechanism but its the only way my tiny little wee wee gets any action. As much as I enjoy the humiliation the trust is that I desperately want to be loved and accepted but I'm afraid that no one ever will. I don't think I'm capable of being loved.

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  • I know how you feel. My little tiny stub is barely a half inch. Hair covers it up and it looks like a p**** when i shower after gym. People laugh and make fun of it and stare at me.

  • Don't worry. learn how to give pleasure to a woman by licking her p**** the best way she would even imagine and rob her c*** for her and make her having a deep and nice o*****. She will love you then and will be happy that what a little nice f*** boddy she's found.

  • If you have a micro-p****, most girls ain't gonna prefer you unless you have money.

  • LMAO so ur a he/she Maybe u can be the new 40 yr old virgin

  • No c***


  • I definitely think someone would love and accept you!i dated a guy once with a very small p****. we had to get a bit creative to make sure my needs were getting met, but we had a great s** life.

  • This makes me feel so much better about myself, thank you. Oh and you are one f****** weird dude.

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