I will have my brother's girlfriend

I want my older brother's girlfriend. She and me are the same age and I know we would be better for each other. When my brother has an argument and complains about his girl I take his side and tell him he could do so much better. To help my dream come true I have talked to some girls to see if they would be his girlfriend and gave them his phone number.

I did somethng even better. I stole a neighbor's panties off her clothesline and stuck them between the door and the seat on the driver's side of my brother's car so when my brother's girlfriend gets in the car the panties will fall out and boy oh boy will she be mad. I am hoping she will get so mad she will break up with my brother and then it would be kosher for me to go out with her and I wouldn't feel bad about it.

I do stuff like this for love. I do it because I know from the bottom of my heart that I am the right one for my brother's girlfriend and I will have her because of a saying I read in a book. True love conquers all.

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  • Seriously, this post is so fake it was posted by a Chinese.

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