Stepmom and my brother

I'm a 14 year old girl and I know for real my brother and our stepmom have had s** like three or four times and I don't know if I should tell my dad or keep quiet. The first time was when my dad had to work late I heard noises in our rec room downstairs and I went to see I found them on the floor kissing and stuff. My brother is 17 and they were both almost naked and he was laying on top of her. I sneaked back upstairs to my room and they didn't know I saw them. Then there were two more times in the summer after my brother came home from baseball practice and she sneaked into the bathroom when he took a shower. I heard them giggling in there. Then last night daddy had to work late again and after supper I did my homework in my room but my door was open a little bit so I could see when they both went in my brother's room across the hall. I waited a couple minutes and then listened at his door and I could hear them. My stepmom was like moaning or something and I knew from the noises my brother's bed was making that they were having s**. I went back in my room and turned out the light. After a while she left his room and she was carrying all her clothes in her hands. I pretended I was asleep when she pushed my door open a little bit to check on me I guess. I could see her b**** and she was def naked. I love my daddy and I don't want to hurt him with this secret but I want them to stop. I'm scared about all this.

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  • I'm a girl, 13, and my stepdaddy uses me whenever mum is not around. I love it for the last 2 months I've also been getting it from my mum's dad.

  • I suggest you tell your Dad because like, that's her wife! And tell your brother he's stupido and he's underage! I also suggest reporting this to the police. Tell your brother and your stepmom this. "They are stupid and nothing! I also said that you need to stop having s*x. Plus God won't even forgive for what you've done". Ps. Thanks

  • So stupid

  • There's an old Italian Proverb: Truth, smoke and a cough will always make themselves known.

  • U have to tell ur dad.

  • Maybe you should just blackmail the step mom or something and the brother as well. See what you can juice out of the two of them. You never know, "working late" can be pretty hot sometimes.

  • Tell your dad everything. Use your phone camera if you can so he can't deny it.
    Then after your dad throws his w**** wife out the door, you can have your brother.

  • I would type a note to your father. When he finds out he'll be mad at your brother and divorce the stepmother but he deserves to know what his wife is doing.

  • Idiot

  • As someone who has been cheated on, I suggest telling your Dad. If you want some guidance - what would YOU want someone else to do if you were in your Dad's position?

    Don't say that your brother and your stepmum are having s**, just tell him exactly what you saw and let him come to whatever conclusion he wants.

    Tell him you're really uncomfortable and you want to stay out of it, but that you thought he should know.

  • Next time you find your step mom alone,tell her " I think I heard my brother having s** with some girl in his room last week". Don't make it look like you know who it is.

  • Your best bet is to keep quiet, don't get involved and don't take sides. Don't tell a soul and pretend you know nothing about it - it's really not your business. Plus, if you do get involved you are going to hurt one or more of the people you love, by 'knowing nothing' you avoid making enemies.

    Chances are, the situation will surface on it's own anyway without your help.

    Long ago two of my friends and I stopped by my parent's house to visit from college one Friday at lunchtime and surprised my Mom and her co-worker having a lunchtime matinee. It was obvious to me what was going on, especially when my Mom's co-worker walked out of the bedroom as we walked in the front door. I didn't let on that I suspected what was going on (although I think we all cut our visit short).

    About 6 weeks later they ran off and started living together. It didn't work out, after a few months they broke up and Mom came back home and they worked it out on their own and I kept my nose out of their business and didn't have to take sides.

    These types of situations do have a way of coming to light on their own pretty quickly one way or the other anyway.

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