I like you

I like you. I am newly divorced and I shouldn't feel this way so soon , but I like you. I am 5 years older than you but I like you. I am in a completely different life situation than you but I like you. I like you a lot. I like your sense of humor. I like our conversations. I like your taste in music and movies. I love that you enjoy reading and I like your taste in books. I love how comfortable you are with yourself and all of you friends. I like your friends. I like the way you are with my children. I like your fitness habits. I like your truck, I like that you are a mechanic. I like that you are so okay with who I am even though I think I am pretty sure I'm nuts. I like that you are going to school. I like your choice in careers and I can't wait to see you succeed! I like that you are good with money. I like that you are respectful of others. I like the fact that even though your family is crazier than I am and they drive you crazy you still love them and make time for them and support them. I like that there is a family farm you may someday own and run. I like that you may not some day own it and run it but that it is a part of who you are. I love the way you look, I think you are easily one of the sexiest men I have ever met. I like that you have a reputation for being an honest person, I haven't caught you in a lie yet and years of experience have made me a bit of a cynic so you are guilty until proven innocent in my book but I am inclined to believe you over most because of your reputation. I like the way you touch me and I like the way you hold me. I like the way you kiss me. I like that you sleep until noon and go the gym at 2 am. I like that you are in the military and I like that you visit exotic places and have crazy stories to tell. I like the way you look at me when you are sitting on my couch with one or both of your hands behind your head, you look mischievous, and confident and lusty all at the same time. I could go on for quite awhile and if I think of anything else I am sure I will... I don;t like that I like you so much. I don't like that Im not sure how you feel about me. I don't like that you might not date me because I have children. I don't like that I have actually already thought about marrying you in the distant future. I don't like it at all. But what can I do? I like you. Who knows, maybe one day I will love you. I like when you joke about marrying me, I don;t like it when you make serious comments about marriage that make me think I have a chance with you.

Jan 29, 2013

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  • I find this both thoughtful and delightful. Thank you.

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