Beard fetish

I have always loved facial hair on a man!! And it has always turned me on. But here lately all I it takes for me to "get off" is fr my husband to rub his beard all over my naked body!! He doesn't even have to touch me or eat me out or even f*** me!! All it takes is his beard rubbing against my skin and I c** so hard!! It's making me wet just thinking about it! What really gets me is when he does eat me out he buries his face deep in my p**** and when he comes up his beard and mustache are soaked in my c**!! It is so f****** sexy to me!! I just want him to rub it all over me and let me taste my p**** on his lips while he's f****** me!! OMG just typing this is making me want his hair face all over me right now!! Is there anyone out there who feels the same as me or am I just weird?!?!

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  • My wife squirts, so when I'm done going down on her my beard is soaked like a shamwow, it's f****** awesome!

  • It's not weird, honey. I wish my wife thought that. But she HATES beards, mine in particular. It might be naughty, but I'm tempted to sleep with you -- now that would be hot!

  • It would definitely be naughty and extremely hot...... But could definitely not happen. If we weren't married the story might end a little different! ;)

  • Thanks lady

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