Thoughts of my dad while with my bf

I just started having s** about a year ago with my bf and I love him but I cant tell him that when we have s** I think that its my dad f****** me. more at the end when I o***** and i fantacize that its my dad c****** in so I o***** 2 but only when i think about my dad. me and my dad never had anything happen and have a great relationship but I always felt attracted to him growing up and the first time i was able to o***** masturbating i thought about him.

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  • I have a very hot daughter and if i knew she felt that way about me i would f*** her p**** and o***** in her so fast and so much more. now she is 18 and maybe i should just ask her? she is wild anyway and loves s** so!

  • Its kinda like that? growing up I thought he was very attractive but when i was like 12 i walked in his room when he was asleep and he was naked and i saw a mans p**** - really for the first time. I looked at him for like 10 minutes and fingered myself. after that i was kind of obsessed with that - so when i would m********* thats all i could think about and wonder what s** was like. i also peeked in on him in the shower 2 or 3 times and saw him j*** off. and i guess i did want him to show me or something but nothing ever happened like that. just the thought of him f****** me made me o*****. I had alot of fantacies about him. so when i got older those thoughts keep coming into my head but really cuz the guys I was with were not him and i could not o***** so i close my eyes and pretend its my dad f****** me. my bf is kinda wondering cuz i have moaned daddy under my breath when i o***** and he is kinda freaked out a little i think? so maybe this is normal ? i dont know?

  • Yeah....sounds like you want/need to f*** your daddy

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