F*** You,

You tell me you like me but we've been friends for too long. Dont even bothering sayi g you like me. You use me to get rides to your boyfriends house but yet before we go do anything you will flirt with me and tell me you'd f*** me and s***. Why play with my heart. Your boyfriend is a complete loser. Has a kid, smokes pot all day, and lays in bed. Too bad he's a cheater. I would've treated you better but that's fine. your loss. Yeah your probably the most gorgeous girl ever but your dumb as . Just remember I was always there for you, sorry that I wanted to be friends with you before i hit you up, i dont date someone i dont know.. Haha...you broke me apart. im more mad at myself for thinking you'd go for me...,

Feb 2, 2013

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  • Maybe you should Thank her. Thank her for showing you that you can do better. She sounds like she just uses people. You probably would be writing another confession about how miserable you are with her if you two actually dated. Because she would take advantage of you left and right. Let her loser boyfriend have her. Now go find a girl who would actually appreciate you and what you can do for them (and they for you).

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