Dream of making a white woman pregnant

I always dream of one day making a white woman pregnant. I always see quite a few white woman with biracial children and just drool.I just cant seem to find one wanting to have my baby.I am worried that I may never get lucky, since am in my late 40s.

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  • That bit about six white girls and two young white teachers being impregnated in the same school system is very much the case. My cousin teaches in the same school system talked about and not only was that version confirmed, what makes it more amazing is that it took place this year in a suburban school system in Connecticut.

  • In my high school this year six white girls became pregnant and all six were . impregnated by black boys and one of those boys also is responsible for impregnating two attractive white female teachers. Isn't this something serious society should be talking about or are we eventually going to end up with this being very much the norm? The blacks are all known for having huge d**** so its no mystery why the girls and women are giving in to this temptation.

  • This is so normal.It has been going on for hundreds of years but its more common and normal now.

  • When you said teachers. That's where you messed up. Sorry but I have call b*lls**t on this story. You went way over the top. Six girls, and two teachers. Way over the top.

  • I have not made a white woman pregnant yet,but I got lucky and gave a black woman a son over in another country. I am still nursing my dream of getting a white woman pregnant. OP

  • I have not made a white woman pregnant yet. I hope that trend continues.

  • I am 42 years old. I am white and dream of impregnating a black lady. I want a mixed child so bad. Is there and black lady who shares the same feelings as I. Let’s talk.

  • Work on your fourth sentence. It should read as follows. Is there any black ladies who share the same feelings as I? At 42 you should know this. No lady is going to want a guy who can't spin a sentence. No matter her race.

  • People should date and marry within their own race. The white race, the founder of civilization, is declining in numbers and strength thanks to dangerous trends such as interracial marriage. Blacks are on average inferior to whites in terms of intelligence.

  • Ok. I can go with that i guess.

  • Hope ya find your white girl soon. I'm 24 white, and I hooked up with my co worker who was 40 year old black guy. Who was on the heavy side. My first black guy. Hung out few times first then one night. Started kissing then started having s**. He hasn't had s** in few years he said. He wasnt big but very thick c***. We were in doggy position he said he is about to c**.I told him let that black c*** c** inside me. Moments later he grunts really loud and shoots a mega load inside me. Sure enough I got pregnant. Had a beautiful baby girl. Trust me every white girl needs a black man at some point. Especially if they want that baby.

  • How bad is it when you get the looks from people? Don't tell me you ignore them,that's bull. You can't ignore them. There's too many to ignore. No chance for mister right to come along. Although you might have chosen a black guy anyway. I guess you're no great loss.

  • Trust me. You need help. 'Every white girl needs one". You like old man b****, go for it. 24, 40. No b****. NO!

  • Thanks for sharing...so sexy.How old is baby now? You gonna have another one with him? Do you still see him?

  • The baby is a year and half old. I'll either pick him to donate his sperm again or find a new black stud and maybe settle down together.

  • Nice. It sounds like you're ready for a second mixed baby, which will make some black man very happy.

  • I do want a second baby, hope it does make a black man happy. I enjoy pleasing a black man. And they very much please me.

  • No. You enjoy breeding down.

  • Disregard,I see you have answered my questions below.

  • Congratulations! Are you still with him? Will you have other biracial babies either with him or another lucky black man?

  • We never dated just hooked up. We still work together. But might have another kid in future.

  • What a great future. No kids. Me and your daddy never dated and we weren't married. We just hooked up. Awesome. Just awesome.

  • I am interested in making a mix child. Serious, educated and beauty only.

  • I am interested in making a Mic child. Contact me

  • My white wife wants to have a couple black babies

  • Yeah so. The thing you call a wife is twisted. You my friend, are the things b*tch.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I will give her more than a couple

  • I'm a black male in my 40s and I'd love to have babies with a younger white female that can produce...any white ladies interested than lets chat bout it.

  • Shut up old one. Time is past for you.

  • My boyfriend and I came across this while googling interracial conception.

    25, white female, graduate school. Got to know my next-door neighbor over the course of a year - he's a DBM, 47. After a year we went on a few dates, became intimate using BC for 6 months and are now actively trying to conceive.

    I never thought I could be attracted to a man over 20 years older than me (and definitely not a black man) much less trying to have his baby.

    If you take your time and get to know someone it can happen. We are in a relationship and plan on having several children.

  • So, you like old man c**k. No loss then.

  • Are you pregnant now? Best of luck

  • Over 1800 of us white women have read this post?Hopefully one of use gave him a baby!

  • Why the ? That's a statement. Use. I guess you meant us. Finally,God I hope not.

  • Hopefully not.

  • Well,2141 people have read it by today 07/30/2014 and I haven't been lucky to get the baby yet but am hopeful.

  • Keep ti to yourself.

  • I'm 27 wf years old, I don't kno where y'all live at but sound ridiculous.. I have 1 six year old son whos biracial an his dad was 40 at the time.. An now 4 months & his/her dad is a 67 year old Black male so there's always hope.. But inbetween meeting this older man I was working for a 65 year old white man an to me tho I prefer my chocolate I have seen both white & black males who were hung.. I'm from texas... Needless to say the white man fired me after I started dating my now fiancé.. He couldn't handle the thought if me goin with the older black man who had just as much $ as him.. Oh we'll we are about to have my 2nd child an will be good.. But far as s** it could be with any race y'all just ain't picked up the right men...

  • He fired you for that? Good for him.

  • All good now till he beats your ass and ends up killing you

  • WOW! 27 and messed up in the head already.

  • I desire w good sexy woman like you.Have as many kids as you can,we need more of you.Hugs

  • You're a very sexy man and your dream will come true.

  • Your dream. Our nightmare. Goof!

  • 31dwf here and i think this is a really really sexy idea you have and i hope you can do it. if my perspective is of any help i think you will have luck with any age of white women but in particular the young ones. for example i have a 19swf sister who has dated black guys in their 30s and 40s for years (our parents HATE that) and among her and her friends having a black baby is something like a badge of honor. they sort of tease about it but you can tell by being around them that they all love the idea and several of them have babies by their black men and they love it. most of those girls wont even date a white guy. period. my sister is one of them. she had a white boyfriend when she was like 11-12 but after that its been black guys all the way for her and the darker the better. her and her friends all talk about c*** size like its a mantra and i admit that i get jealous sometimes. being in your 40s you may not have any way to be around teenage girls but if you can find a way to do that your going to have great success especially if you get to know a few of them well enough to talk about your dream. from your posts on this thread you are obviously a smart and thoughtful man and believe me, that will go a long long long way with these girls because they are accustomed to getting hit on and harrassed by (forgive the expression) n******. they still go with some of those men even though they are crude and rude but if my sister and her friends ever got a look at you and your level of sophistication and intellect they would be dropping their panties and fighting one another to be among the group you knock up. i doubt that my sister and her friends are unusual so it is probable that you will find other girls around their ages (16-20) they will love you as much as my sister and her friends would and they would beg you to father their children. who knows? you might even get two friends who would bear your biracial babies. or three. and wouldnt THAT be sexy?

  • I'm a white male, and I look at young white women with their black babies and it always makes me realize how inferior white men are to black men, and how those particular women know that's true and they prove that's true by virtue of the fact that they are willing to open themselves up to black men and have their babies and raise them. And they are all so eager to be impregnated by them. This is a racial and social shift, and seeing those women with their babies is a matter of deep pride for them (for having taken black lovers) and a matter of deep embarrassment for all white men: those girls are announcing to the world that they have found the better way and they don't give a s*** what the world thinks about it. I love all those girls and I realize that no white man will ever have any of them or ever be able to please any of them, now that they have black men in their lives. It makes white guys feel worthless and useless and emasculated, but may that's the way it's supposed to be.

  • Makes you feel worthless, useless,and emasculated. You need to work on yourself before you have some black d*** in your mouth. Seems that's the way it going. MORON!

  • for the first 2 yrs of our marriage i cheated on my hsband with a lot of different guys. they were all 1-night stands or short flings and no affairs. but for the last 4 yrs ive been involved with a married black man and have not cheated on him withanybody outside my marriage. my husband has no idea i am with anybody except for noticing that my p**** is bigger than it used to be. of course the reason im bigger inside is that my black stud has stretched me out like crazy. i am so addicted to the black c*** that i could never quit it. i need to take black d*** in me exactly like i need to take oxygen inside me and almost as often. i love my black man and his humunguos black c***. im a total addict.

  • So are you still married and do you have a black baby

  • You sound like one h*** of classy lady, of course by classy i mean low class and by lady i mean trash.

  • Then you should do the right thing, and bear your black lover's baby, and make your white husband raise it.

  • Nope. The right thing to do is to never have done it. Jezz. Look who i'm talking to. Total addict all right at f**king up your marriage and life. Way to go. Look at you.

  • I'm a white 42f and married to a white man for 23 years, and I totally agree with this woman.

  • You agree hu? I guess great sl*ts think alike.

  • Why don't you leave then? Seems that's what you want. B**ch.

  • By you saying you agree with her, that shows what you are, f**ked in the head.

  • same. theres nothing in life that is as delicious or exciting as black c***. gotta have it all the time. my white husband is clueless about how to please a white woman or about how often i grind on black d*** or about how often i am filled with that cream. it is the best thing in my life or in the life of any white woman.

  • Clueless about how to please a white woman. Does that mean he knows how to please a black woman. Best thing in any white woman life. No. You just say that to cover up what you are. WWW. Do all of us a favor. Go to sleep and don't wake up. By the way the WWW means Worthless White Woman. I just hate things like you that cheat. Have I been cheated on? No. Just seen to much of it. Your marriage is a lie, and for that I wish you nothing but ill will.

  • She's right about the volume of c** those filthy beasts produce. They give you more in one o***** than a white man could give you in a week even if he f***** you four times a day, every day. GIMME THAT F****** C** YOU NASTY BLACK BEASTS! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! AND I WANT ALL YOUR BABIES!!!!!

  • First; Guy below, correct. Lastly; So called lady above, sounds like someone is bitter. By the way, prove these so called facts of yours. Or these so called facts of your little mind.

  • Gladly. Go ahead. Gutter trash likes other gutter trash right?

  • Completely and absolutely addicted here too and hubby knows nothing. the only difference with me is that i havent just had one black stallion i have been with lots of them. the only feeling better than sitting in a bar in a public place and being surrounded by hungry black studs wanting to hit it is laying naked in one of their beds and being surrounded by them and their massive n***** d****. if hubby knew how many times hes taken sloppy seconds off a pack of n****** he wouldnt just divorce me he would have me killed but i would die a happy white woman after getting all those studs deep in me and being filled to overflowing with all that f****** c**!!!!

  • dont put undue pressure on yourself: your still young enough to father children for at least another 10 years and maybe even more like 20. tony randall had a child by a much younger woman when he was in his 70s so you have puh-lenty of time to find several white women and have children with them. and it would be so sweet to find a married one who wanted the same thing that you do. in fact it may even be easier to find a married one who wants to cheat and play and make a dark baby by you. dont worry about your age darling just go out there and get busy!!!! speaking for white women...........we love you!!!!!!!

  • I googled the story of tony randal and read it.He fathered his first kid at age 77 with a woman decades younger than him. So sweet.Thanks.

  • You are such a sweet woman...wish you were in my bed tonight. Are you married?I agree,a married white woman will be ideal for me to get pregnant.Thanks.

  • Shut up.

  • yes i am married for almost 20 years to a wonderful white man who has a pitiful p****....the thing really cant be called a c*** because it isnt. i love him dearly but hes never been able to satisfy me not ever. over the years i have played around several times looking for the satisfaction i need but only twice with black men. both of those were so hung that i still drip when i think of them and the way they did me. one in particular had the biggest and the most beautiful c*** i have ever put my hands on. or had in my mouth or my p**** or my ass. oh my mother f****** god!!!!!!!!!! i was in my mid20s then and i very nearly left my husband for him because of the size of that f****** black thing he carried around in his pants and because the s** was sooooooo f****** amazing and because i wanted his baby so f****** bad. he would always tell me that he could give me a son with the biggest d*** in the history of the world and that idea still excites me now like it did then. his name was byron and we were together for almost 4 years without our spouses ever knowing, before he left me for a very young white girl that he fell in love with. you are sweet too and i wish the same thing you wish........that i was in your bed tonight as the first of many nights we would spend together behind my husbands back and enjoying acts of powerful love reserved for only adventurous AND ADULTEROUS interracial couples. im serious when i tell you that i am speaking for white women because we all want black lovers in our lives. enjoy your girlfriend and give her many babies.

  • You must have had s** before you married him? So you knew he was small but you married anyway. You love him dearly. Yeah right. Even though your cheating on him. You're not speaking for white women,your speaking for yourself. Don't drag the rest of us into your cheating. Behind your husbands back. You are one h*** of a catch. Watch out. Karma is a bi*ch, just like you.

  • We all want black lovers? Yeah,go ahead breed down.

  • Where can I find you..just to even look at you?

  • I'm a black man, too, and I would love to find this woman myself.

  • I'm a white woman, early-30s, married twice. I have 3 children by 3 different men, but none by a man I was married to at the time, and so I have the reputation in my town of being a dirty w****. I don't mind that, because I think being a w**** is lots more fun than being a straightlaced prude, and I know I'm better in bed than all those women, and all their husbands know that too. Because I was raised by parents who were super bigoted about white girls having s** with black men I never went with a black but I always wanted to, even from when I was in my early teens. I have fantasies all the time about giving up my 3 kids back to their fathers and then going out and having 3 black babies just to prove what everybody says about me being such a w****. But I could never do that as long as my parents are alive because it would kill them, and even though their views about race are wrong I wouldn't want to hurt or embarass them. But that don't stop me from wanting to get my ass knocked up by a black man. I swear sometimes it aches from me wanting that sooooooooo bad.

  • Rep around town dirty wh*re. Ok. I don't see the point. You'd give your kids back to their fathers just so you have 3 black children? Man talk about f**cked in the head. At least I see the point now. You are what they say you are.

  • So ah, you want to breed down also?

  • I would love to knock you up so you can have the baby you have been craving for years...my dream will come true too! when are we meeting and where?

  • In H*ll,come find me.

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