** buddies

I need some advice on how the "** buddy" thing works. I am in need of a good **. I live in Sydney. How do I find someone?

I am a larger sized woman. Is this going to stop me from finding a ** buddy?

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Somebody helh

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  • By "** buddy," do you mean a guy or another woman? As a divorced thrity-four year old woman, I sort of gave up on the the idea of having a convenient relationship with a guy. It was always just too complicated and too much trouble. There was a woman that I knew who was pretty much in the same situation as I was. She was divorced, in her forties, and feeling the same way. It was easy enough for us to be friends, and even though neither of us were of the lesbian persuasion or bisexual, it was not difficult for us to enjoy the female-chemistry of our freindship and to find that enticing. One day, getting together and relaxing with a glass of wine, we were both receptive to some friendly feelings of a more romantic inclination. A friendly little hug was all it took, and we did a small kiss on the lips, and one thing led to another in short order. We ended up naked in bed and having the most wonderful time together. That was a year ago, and we still very much enjoy being friends and, when we feel like it, lovers. It's a great arrangement.

  • Awesome arrangement you got there

  • ** is ** even with a big chick

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