Feel Just a little Bad

I am in the military, living in base housing. I have a great buddy who happens to be black. He has always had the hots for my wife. When I suggested a 3 some to her once, she rejected purely because he was a black guy. That p***** me off. My wife loves to drink and often drinks till she is obliterated and passes out. I decided to use that to my advantage and took her on a heavy drinking night. I fed her shots all night. On the way home she was passing out already. I texted my buddy to meet me at my house in 30 mins. I got her home and to bed, undressed her and let her pass out. When my buddy arrives I told him he was free to f*** my wife if he wanted it. He was surprised at the offer and that she was out cold drunk. I assured him I was cool with it, and she had talked about a 3 some with him. He finally agreed and opened her legs and gave her his really big c***. I was worried she might wake up because he was so big, easily twice my size. He pounded her for at least a hour until he blew a huge load up in her. He thanked me sincerely and left. The next day she was hung over and said her p**** was sore. I told her she had wanted it a little rough. I never told her what really happened that night. But I loved it really.

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  • Bullshit story! Your friend went at it for an HOUR, *and* she didn't wake up once the entire time on top of that? Try to incorporate a little intelligence into your next fairy tale.

  • So that is how you school a racist woman?

  • Honey.. if i were your wife i would have f***** all your friends if you asked me to. She wants it! Even when she's sober. She's just afraid to admit it, we all are.

  • I don’ t know how to label you for being a p*** or a true friend

  • You just admitted to being an accomplice for rape regardless if you’re married or not

  • Work on her to f*** your black friend. She would love it sober.

  • First of all, black guys don't have any bigger d**** than any other race of men. So right there I know you're full of s***, but let's say for s**** and giggles this is true. Why would you be p***** off because your supposed wife doesn't want to have s** with a black man?
    Do you think she's racist just because she doesn't want to? If so, then you're the racist a******, not her. She has every right to f*** who she wants, and if she isn't attracted to black men, then so be it.
    Let me ask you this, do you want to f*** him? If no, why not? Are you racist? Or are you a homophobe?
    So congratulations a******, you just helped your buddy rape your wife. I hope she finds out, divorces you, and presses charges against both of you for rape. Then he can get his ass f***** by someone bigger in prison. Hopefully you'll get convicted too and then your buddy can f*** you up the ass with his "really big c***".

  • I saw right away that "feeling bad" was racist, when he sid his buddy "happened to be black". He just as easily said; My buddy has a "really big c***"?! I have a buddy that is Hispanic, I do not refer to him as happens to be Hispanic. I don't think about him in that way, I just think about him as being my buddy, or friend.

  • Exactly. Only those who are racist point out color.

  • That's not true! That's reality.....if I am talking about a friend and something that is part of their culture or values and I say my Black friend says blah, blah about their culture or values, that is not racist.

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