** withHusbands Buddy

A lot of us wives cheat. I have cheated with my husbands old army buddy when he came to visit us for two weeks. Hubby got drunk and passed out, I got happy drunk and let his ;buddy ** me for the rese of the two weeks he was visiting. I got pregnant about that time and I still do not know who the father of my son is.
Are there other wives like me? I think so.

Jul 10, 2020

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  • When was dating my future husband and it was getting serious, he told me a story; At his first duty station he met a young dependent wife at church, struggling with her twin babies. She let him help, just a little, then invited him to the base family pool the next day. That turned into an affair. She soon made it clear that her husband knew and encouraged her "to help out the morale of the junior enlisted" when he was away. Her husband was an officer and pilot.

    When he transferred back to the States he stayed with an older former coworker and his fiancé. That night, after loud **, he was asked if he wanted to go next as she was willing. She was his first sloppy seconds. The next morning he was told to promise to pass it on to younger servicemen once he was married. It was an unwritten tradition. This situation made the first affair to make more sense to him. Well he then turned to me and made it clear that If I was serious about marrying him, he'd expect me to be the one to pass the traditions on.

    I was dumfounded, I never heard of a man making his future wife PROMISE to be unfaithful. I reluctantly agreed but had no intentions of following through. He made a bunch of stipulations that were basically rules; condoms, no getting pregnant, caught, or him humiliated and stuff. Anyways, Deployments are LONG and basically being ordered to cheat on him made it a TON easier to succumb to male attention after he deployed. I felt really guilty about it until he got home from our first deployment as a married couple and saw his reaction when I told him the truth. Well he served 24 years and we are still happily married. Actually, I kind of miss those perks of being a military wife.

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  • Yes, there certainly are other wives like you out there & probably have been since history began. I was a soldier who regularly banged my buddy's wife for over 2 years while stationed together in OK and she had a baby before moving to the next post. We never confirmed that the baby was mine however I have a high potent sperm count whereas her husband had a low one & chances are in my favor. We have kept in touch over the years & she knows that if she ever becomes available that she is always welcomed here with her now preteen daughter whom she says does not have any of her 'daddy's' traits or looks. So, no, what you experienced is far more common than people think.

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  • Drink and bring her a nice tool.

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