I am insanely attracted to my married

I am insanely attracted to my married boss, who is about 17 years older than my 21, and also has children. I know this is wrong which is why I would never act upon it, other than confessing anonymously, which I have probably already crossed the line doing that. I sometimes wonder if he has ever had a hint of attraction towards me, because I am considered very pretty by alot of people. I know this is so wrong, but he is so sexy, and I constantly fantasize about doing awful things to him with my mouth and tongue and wish I could stop. I

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  • Look lady,you better stop before your in for a lifetime of pain. You acting on somehing like that could ruin a lot of people's lives. Yours, his, and his wife. You thinking lusty thoughts about him is not bad, as long as your smart enough not to start something.
    Do not think your any different from the other would be home wreakers. Your not.
    As soon as it would get out-and eventually, it would- you will be thought of as nothing but a s*** who loves to ruin people's lives and you will be hted. A lot. so dont do thid, even though im sure you might still think about it but you will regret it.

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