15 and love older men

I'm 15 and I hate teenage boys and can never see myself with one. I always fantasize about being with a man in his 20s or something and losing my virginity to them. I sometimes notice older men staring at my body or like my b**** or butt but I ignore it because I know it'd be wrong to act on it, but I wish i did sometimes. And I know that it's wrong but it doesn't feel wrong to me

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  • Look honey, if you can find the right one, you best make sure you both keep it secret. Make sure he is not just using you for s**

  • Younger girls defiantly get my attention... I love to see firm sexy bodies.

  • Flat chest bald p****

  • You should see my niece. You'd love her tight young body as well. She's 13 niece t***, and lovely ass for her age.

  • Love to see

  • Do you ever think about your father's c***? that big beautiful c*** that brought you into the this world? Don't you think you should thank it, by s****** it and letting it f*** you? that's what a good daughter would do.

  • I'm in my 20s and i love girls your age and i always catch them looking at me and i get so turned on looking at their tight virgin bodies.

  • Older men will take their time and kiss you and suck on your t*** then slowly eat your p**** out before giving you a deep hard long lasting pounding.
    Most aim to take the time and enjoy your soft skin and hard body.
    I couldn’t wait for my neighbors daughter to get into College before we started meeting up. We would spend ours kissing licking and f****** each other’s brains out. I miss her tight round gorgeous bubble ass

  • Nothing wrong, and older man will generally have a thicker longer d***. it will fill you more and is much better to s***. A girl like you needs and wants that. Unless you can find a really well h*** teenage boy in your school. You deserve the best in all three of your h****. I understand your need perfectly. Go for it.

  • Dear 15, check out the age of consent where you live before having s** with an adult. Or your lover may well end up in prison.

    Just being practical.

    Also of course, safety first. By being
    sensible you'll have More fun in the long run.

  • No it is not wrong I would gladly take your cherry and your little sisters too if you have any

  • So you're in need of a daddy to give you what you desire 😈 I'm 26 and I would love to help you with that.

  • Uk or us

  • I am 30 would you like to hangout with me

  • I am 42 and would love to

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