I know it is wrong....

I have been sleeping with my Fiance's little brother I am extremely attracted to him, I know it is wrong but s** with my Fiance is awful even though every other aspect of our relationship is perfect. I love my soon to be husband and our future looks bright, meanwhile i do not love his brother and he is unemployed. The s** is amazing and I really don't know how to stop....what is wrong with me?

Apr 28, 2011

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  • I have since broken it off with him. In fact regardless of the mean things you have to say about me, i know why what happened happened. I may have problems but my relationship is not one of them. I learned so much, i think this action came about out of a sheer lack of previous sexual experiences. I still had it in my mind that s** was something beyond the guttural thing it is that i could reach a higher plane or some other bullshit. I instead discovered after revisiting a act of penetration " the only other time it happened" with said brother that i just don't care for penetration in general it is not my Fiances fault that s** was uncomfortable. So regardless i have learned that i must work harder at enjoying s** with the person i love instead of looking for quick fixes.

  • your future looks bright?!?!?! Huh? You're kidding us on here, right? You're not even married yet and you're already cheating on this guy with his own flesh and blood and you say that your future looks bright? I think you need to break things off with your fiance', cuz, your future marriage looks pretty grim.

  • That's a tricky one...
    See stopping is the easy part. But how the h*** are you going to deal with the ramifications of your actions? Because you know this WILL come back and bite you on the ass and probably pretty soon. I'm not trying to upset you but its most likely the truth.
    I personally would dump you the minute I found out if I were him.

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