My gynecologist makes me wet

I am 42 and married. Once a year a schedule a visit for an OB/GYN exam. I've had the same doctor for five years now. He's an Italian, thirty-something, very handsome and fit brunette. Since the first time I went to his office I noticed he made me nervous and giggly. I had never had such a cute gynecologist. He is very polite and easy going. He makes conversation while he works, so time flies and he makes me feel comfortable. My previous experiences were always annoying and embarrassing, but the first time I went with him I didn't feel anything negative and I even found myself kind of enjoying the idea of him looking and touching me. The second year I went, I ended up having erotic thoughts and I left his office feeling sexually aroused. During the following three years I got wet during the examination...and when I say wet, I mean REALLY wet, to the point of being able to hear my juices while he was working on me. I try not to look distressed in any way and it embarrasses me to know that for sure he and his nurse notice my reaction, but I guess it must be a little flattering for him to see the effect that he causes in my privates. I sometimes wonder if other women experience the same thing and also what the doctor and his nurse think of me. I wonder if they see me as a s*** just for that. To be honest, that thought makes me smirk. :)

Feb 15, 2013

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  • I'm lucky I guess, after reading about turned on husbands playing with hot fit young sexy female doctors, with long thick vibrating probing fingers , causes cheating that kill marriages. MY lady doctor looks like Debbie Wasserman Schulttz bad skin , yellow teeth deformed lips and all! She even slurs her words, drools a little with one eye looking forward with the other eye looking over your back!!! 😤😣

  • My OBGYN looks just like sponge Bob square pants so cute! No really his head is square, with holes , yellow, and he looks like a sponge with the skinny arms and legs! But he has a huge bulge in his short pants so one day in his office , I have him oral relief and when he climaxed he screamed and his head actually exploded! I'm getting real wet just thinking about him!!! 😋yummy!

  • I had the most exciting visit with my doctor . I'm 29 , thick blond hair , blue green almond shaped eyes and huge pouty lips that men seem to love! Well soon i meet my new tall blond handsome doctor, our eyes meet but he had a mask on! Then he touched me with his thick long fingers and I came so loud with a torrent of fluids and screams and moans that all the nurses freaked out and made me leave. Turns out he looks exactly like my secret lover SEXY Donald Trump the younger version! Wooow hot! Maga 2024!

  • Donald is soooo hot nowadays! I fantasize about him all the time. I like him with some heft.

  • When my husband was in the military I had a handsome married male ob/gyn for a while. I'm not going to lie, it was a HUGE turn on going to him.

    Three duty stations later I had a female doctor but she had an attractive male assistant (Hospital corpsman). I couldn't help myself from watching his face the WHOLE time I was exposed. I never came more close to having an o***** while getting an exam than then

  • I get wet going to my gyno as well. I’m 48 and married with 3 kids. My original gyno retired and his son took over the practice. He is really young and fit.

    The the second time I went to him a month or so after my exam. Told him I was having issues. Told him after my last exam I noticed an excretion. He said let me check. I whispered in his ear I needed to tell him something but not in front of his nurse.

    He sent the nurse out. I told him he makes me so h****. I reach for his crotch and his d*** was so hard. I said you are hard. He said yes! We then had s** while I was in the stirrups. It was amazing.

    Can’t wait to go back

  • So hot sounds like a best novel book can I go to him turning me onfor sure

  • Disgusting. Aren't you married?

  • You are sick

  • Agreed

  • You get wet at the gynecologists???
    You should check out his h******. Yes, they get turned on. A man is a man.

  • I work at a gynecologist's office and often chaperone pelvic exams. I would say most women get wet and are often humiliated that another woman (me) sees their inappropriate arousal.

  • When My wife comes home wet and h**** after seeing her young male gyno we immediately have s**. She’s highly aroused and will have multiple Os

  • When I set an appointment I do it at the end of the day just at that time when I more sweat and smelly. I shower the night before but I don’t put deodorant or perfume. In the morning when my husband and I are naked in the closet picking up our outfits for the day I feel like a cheater because he asks me why nice lace sheer panties and I tell him is for him after work but little he knows he will get seconds.

  • I'm 50 and married and my doctor also makes me wet. He's been our doctor since we moved to this town 10 years ago. He is our family doctor and told me since the first time that I could have a female gynecologist as primary care physician but I prefer him. I asked him to refer me to a gynecologist if needed so he refers me to a gynecologist for my pelvic exam but ha does my breast exams, which I get monthly because of my family history of breast cancer. He asks me to undress from waist up and his nurse is always present. I just close my eyes to avoid eye contact, I know my hardened nipples speak eloquently. Most of the time, specially in summer time I wear dresses so undressing from waist up means taking off your dress and bra to be examined in panties only. I get SO wet!!!

  • Sad. Very sad

  • I love it. I would love for my wife to share such stories of what turns her on. I am never threatened by my wife being turned on by other men or women. After all I love her and want her to be pleasured and happy even if not by me. And it turns me on to know she is turned on. " ) I think men who cant handle it are very insecure and selfish. Even women who cheat are just trying to be happy. Even women who divorce me are just looking for happiness. How can I blame a girl for wanting to me happy, especially a girl I love. That is how you know if you truly love someone, if they leave you for someone else and you still love them, you re genuinely happy for them. You may be very sad and sorry for your self but never angry with them for looking for happiness. I would share my wife with you if it made her happy, be you male or female. Unless you were disrespectful or filthly. Then I would rather she choose someone else for he own good. I love to hear womens fantacies. I love women.

  • You're hot. You should be a gyno!

  • I wish my partner was lik u, I have different things that turn me on n if I told him he wud be annoyed lol

  • My wife does the same thing with her Gyno, she gets off thinking about him , he is so handsome and turns her own so much , she tells me this all the time . I eat her p**** and ask her to think it is her doctor and she does and has a fast o*****

  • That is the saddest thing I've heard today. Are you also a cuckold?

  • WTF

  • Legend

  • If my wife tells me she likes her gyno i f****** divorce her

  • Got that right

  • Yeah

  • Lucky girl

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