My gynecologist makes me wet

I am 42 and married. Once a year a schedule a visit for an OB/GYN exam. I've had the same doctor for five years now. He's an Italian, thirty-something, very handsome and fit brunette. Since the first time I went to his office I noticed he made me nervous and giggly. I had never had such a cute gynecologist. He is very polite and easy going. He makes conversation while he works, so time flies and he makes me feel comfortable. My previous experiences were always annoying and embarrassing, but the first time I went with him I didn't feel anything negative and I even found myself kind of enjoying the idea of him looking and touching me. The second year I went, I ended up having erotic thoughts and I left his office feeling sexually aroused. During the following three years I got wet during the examination...and when I say wet, I mean REALLY wet, to the point of being able to hear my juices while he was working on me. I try not to look distressed in any way and it embarrasses me to know that for sure he and his nurse notice my reaction, but I guess it must be a little flattering for him to see the effect that he causes in my privates. I sometimes wonder if other women experience the same thing and also what the doctor and his nurse think of me. I wonder if they see me as a s*** just for that. To be honest, that thought makes me smirk. :)

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  • My wife does the same thing with her Gyno, she gets off thinking about him , he is so handsome and turns her own so much , she tells me this all the time . I eat her p**** and ask her to think it is her doctor and she does and has a fast o*****

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  • If my wife tells me she likes her gyno i f****** divorce her

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