Former Boyfriend Really Liked To Do It When I Was On My Period

When I was a freshman in college I had a boyfriend that was much older than me - that's another story altogether - who really got turned on when we did it during my period. When I met him let's just say I was far from a virgin, but I had never done it during my period before. Probably a combination of being self conscious about it and my other boyfriends being turned off by it. But, I'm usually really, really h**** that time of the month. We were together one day and making out. I was getting so, so wet and I could tell he was hard. He had taken off my shirt and bra and was touching and licking my b******. Along the way he had taken off his clothes and I could feel his hard, wet p**** rubbing against my stomach as we made out. He started to unbutton my pants and I said "Don't I'm on my period." I thought that would be the end of things and I would just give him a hand job or b******* to help him finish. He quickly replied "I don't care, I want you anyway!" He then proceeded to take my pants off, leaving me lying there in my - wet - panties. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. We made out some more and he finally took my panties off me. I said to him "I need to go to the bathroom real quick." I needed to remove my tampon. He said "You don't need to I can help you with that." Before I knew what was happening I felt pressure on my tampon string and he was proceeding to remove my tampon for me while I laid there. It came out easily due to a combination of how heavy my flow was that day and how wet I was. I opened my eyes and he was standing there holding my soaked tampon by the string. He went to the bathroom and I heard him flush it. He came back to bed, laid on me, spread my legs, and entered me fully. He went right in because I was doubly wet down there. He was so hard and thrust in and out of me for what seemed like an hour. I came a lot and finally so did he. When he pulled out of me and stood up, I could see traces of my period on his p****. The sheets underneath where I was laying were a mess, so was I. After that, he would always check with me when I was going to start my period each month and made sure we got to do it at least once when I was on it. Unfortunately my husband - a different man - doesn't feel the same way about my periods Christine.

Feb 21, 2015

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  • Shouldn't flush a tampon.

    So I call bullshit

  • I would love to enter your b***** opening.

  • I can only imagine that older man's excitement as he removed a tampon from his 18-year-old lover's tight, fertile v***** knowing that he was about to replace it with his rock hard p****!

  • Wow, Chris, I can't believe you were doing all of that at age 18. You must have had a hot little cunnnie at that young age! I bet the guy you described was far from the first guy ever in you!

  • You sound like you were quite h**** and quite naughty as a young woman Christine!

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