Always wet

I more of a s** obsessed person and I've been like this for as long as I can remember. I'm 30 years this year and have cheated on my husband many times with different men. I married my husband for security and love even when I knew he doesn't satisfy me sexually. I'm very wild and I love a good f*** that can go for hours again and again until my knees starts to shake. I don't know if my husband knows that I cheat on him or what but I love it, I love the idea of having a treating me like a slat. Which is something that my husband doesn't do, sometime I let our dog f*** me when my husband is away and it started when Rex "our dog" came in when I was playing with myself. I have a lot of s** toy which I also enjoy doing myself with, he smelled my wet p**** and started leaking me and I love it. From there I gave him my p**** as I give it to all the men I give to.

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  • You sound like a damn liar but if you are telling the truth then you seriously need to stop sleeping with other men and your dog and seek help and tell your husband it is not fair to him and also there is s** therapy and things like that. Communication is key in any relationship so just tell your husband. Your liable to give you and your husnad a disease if you keep up this behavoiur for for your sake and his I wish you luck and hope you make the right choice.

  • I would love to lick your a****** out and get you to s*** and let me suck it as it comes out then I would f*** your ass with the scat untill your warm ass was raw!
    then you could suck my c*** as I grab you head and f*** your mouth hard and deep.
    I would f*** your as so fast and hard till you could not breath, be my s*** and drink my warm milk.

  • wish you lived close to me. you could stay married for all i care. i would just want to be your affair partner and take care of you and help satisfy all those incredible urges you have. i would never leave you or break up with you or try to damage or ruin your marriage. you could have whatever you wanted with me. i would even father a child with you and your husband would never even know.

  • You sound like a lot of fun

  • You sound like a sweetheart.

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