Sexual Immorality

I confess to my sin of viewing lesbian p*** and masturbating. Please Lord forgive me. Please fellow Christians pray for me. I don't want this evil to prevent me from growing closer to God. Please pray for me and help me stop.

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  • Have you tried stretching both hands away from your genitals by nailing them into a piece of wood ? It worked for our Lord.

  • The very concept of sin comes from the Bible. Christianity offers to solve a problem of its own making! Would you be thankful to a person who cut you with a knife in order to sell you a bandage?”

  • You don't want this to prevent you from growing close to God?

    Then pray that from your desire, passion and yearning for lesbian p*** and masturbation, that you will learn about G-d's desire, passion and yearning for you. Let your love of masturbation to lesbian p*** be a spiritual exercise through which you begin to experience more and more the beauty of G-d.

    G-d can use anything. Do you have the faith to believe this?

  • The way to resist is to discipline the flesh; FAST AT LEAST THRICE A WEEK LIKE CHRIST ADVISED. REMEMBER THAT YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS SHOULD SURPASS THAT OF THE PHARISEES! sEE; MATT. 5:20, MATT. 5:1-18, LUKE 18 (the tax collector and Pharisee at the temple)

  • Praise God, I am not alone. But God did help me stop in a harsh way, but I am thankful for it. Surfing the net for p*** one night (I feel horrible and felt horrible then but almost couldn't resist.) I came across the most repulsive site. Help me God Almighty it was horrid. It boasted its videos of sexual violence were real, and I came across thumbnails of videos that made me close out and never come back. A man cradling a dead woman. Men attacking a child. I did not watch any of these, because of their terriblness. I used to excuse p*** as okay because both the man and the woman were being paid and willfully acting. Also, I didn't get aroused by p*** or anything, but being 14 I was curious how s** worked. So many terrible images. I asked for Gods help to end my addiction to p*** and I guess he gave me what I needed to quit. God bless the souls of those traumatized people. I will pray for you.

  • Accept that you are a lesbian and go out and start meeting girls.

  • How rude. Plus im a girl.

  • Don't listen to everyone else because they don't think the same way you do. Only you can make YOUR life decisions. Whenever you're feeling h**** enough to watch p*** just start praying and hopefully that will put your priorities in check. If that doesn't work, try thinking about f****** your soulmate and pray that they come into your life soon so you can start f****** the s*** out of them instead. Hope this helps!

  • you're f****** retarded

  • Where did you get the idea God had a problem with lesbians? The bible says "a man shall not lay with a man as he lays with a woman". In this sentence he is using "man" as a gender not a species. At no point does he ever say lesbians or being a lesbian is a sin or even wrong.

  • You are going to h***.ohhhhhhh well, i am going to h*** it is no big deal.

  • I prayed for you too to be strong and also I prayed for all those who posted nasty responses. It is so sad thatthey have so much hate and judgement in their hearts.

  • I prayed for you. :)

  • Break your p*** video' will feel better.

  • You're too worried about it. It's ok, and if you're a girl it is ok to be turned on... do you really want to stomp out who you are because of religion? Just be who you are

  • Shut the f*** up!!!!

  • Kiss my t***, B****!

  • That is a natural part of our human biology sis, do not worry about it.

  • God likes video machines and loves p*** and lesbian p*** he sent the flood because people were wicked to lesbians and gays

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