A weird sexual tradition from my country

Where I come from, there used to be this sexual rite of passage back in the old days. It's really weird. Basically a girl was expected to to be a woman before marriage, but not be allowed to have s** with any outsiders. So her familiy would invite an older and important man to their house. There, he would be served dinner, and the daughter of the house was expected to be dressed up in her finest clothing. At the end of the evening, the daughter would be made to bend over the table, get her gown lifted, and the visitor would take her virginity in front of her family. After the deed was done, either the visitor or her father would put a fish into her v*****, to "mark the transition into womanhood." Soon after that, she could have her marriage to even outsiders. It has been theorized that this took place to make the girl "dirty," so it wouldn't be such a loss of honour to have her taken by outside people. So yes, weird.

Well, this girl I've known from childhood, had a variant of this happening to her. She was invited for dinner by the richest man in her village. S** was implicated, and it was considered somewhat of an honour, since only the most attractive girls would get such an offer. At the end of the dinner, he wanted something in return, and after using some pressure and covincing, he had s** with her from behind. Afterwards she was pretty exhausted, so she had no time to react when she felt something very cold going inside her. So he put a fish inside her, with only the tail fin sticking out. Appearantly he was turned on by this, and had s** with her several times after that. So what do you make of this practice? Rite of passage, kinky or something really perverse?

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  • What kind of fish? Not weird, it is a tradition. Hope you get a good man to do the deed. I was "hired" to take a number of young girls in a similar fashion, though not at the table.

  • Bullshit! A fish, inserted into a woman, could not be removed. The fin on the fish's back would stand up when it was pulled, and the spines would keep it from being pulled out.

  • Oh my well isn't that a nice absurd lie.

  • It is delightful...people do the darndest things !

    It isn't so much fun for the fish, is it ?

  • Where do you come from?

  • African family tradition.

  • Why african family tradition?????? Is this how you associates African tradition, with stupidity? Nxxxxxxx

  • So THAT'S where that smell comes from!

  • This is horrific!

  • So what else do you do for amusement in Canada?

  • It depends. What's your bra size?

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