My wife and my boss

My boss is doing my wife. They have no idea I know but I figured it out and hid recording devices in our bedroom and quickly confirmed that he comes over to the house while I am away on the business trips he sends me on.

I know I should be outraged by this but for some reason it turns me on. The first time I saw them together on the video I was just fascinated and found myself rock hard.

It is obviously not just s** because they kiss a lot and are very passionate together and he usually stays the whole night. Nevertheless it is very intense and she looks way more into s** with him than she is with me.

He is very successful, richer and better looking than I am, taller, stronger and manlier and, judging by the videos, much more endowed.

I am afraid to say anything and, strangely enough, I don't want it to stop. I can't get the images out of my head of him kissing her, undressing her, taking off the panties I bought her and pushing his big c*** deep inside her as she moans and wraps her arms and legs around him.

God it is so hot. I just had to tell someone.

Mar 6, 2013

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  • What other man has penetrated you? I asked my wife as we make love. None! She replies instantly in a rather rehearsed way, You are the only one since you took my virginity that day after school, she added. That was over 30 years ago. She used to wet in anticipation and moan out of pleasure. Now I cannot penetrate her without lubricants and she acts as if she were doing it out of pity. The only thing that arouses me and makes me come is knowing that she and her boss are having a relationship. I haven't spied on her but she works from home and doesn't hide he comes in frequently when I'm at work. She had a hysterectomy years ago so I'm not afraid of having to raise a child of his but it certainly arouses me to know he can come inside her. I know I'm getting seconds but these seconds are way better than the first ones I
    was getting before. I know she thinks of him when I'm penetrating her and that makes me come.

  • Oh yeah! This would be exciting!

  • That is hot hot hot !!!

  • I hope your boss gets your wife pregnant and then you have to bring his kid up.

  • I am doing a hot wife. i think nothing beats the fact of doing someone else's wife. especially when shes ready for anythink in bed.
    there are days when ive f***** her on her marital bed, and her husband has come home and f***** her few hours later. hes a very conservative Indian man who would never dream that his wife cheats :)

  • That's hot!

  • Be romantic with her, get her some flowers, tell her you love her, go for a drive somewhere like a look out like you may have done when you first started dating. If you put in a fair bit of effort over a week or two, she will start being more affectionate with her.
    Once she starts feeling like you are in love again, talk to her and explain you have secretly been getting aroused over something she doesn't know about. Go on the tell her that it is all right but you know that she has been messing around with her boss and emphasise you love the idea of her s******* other men. When you are having s** with her, ask her to tell you about the naughty things she gets up to. You will both enjoy s** more and youre relationship will become much stronger

  • Part of me is tempted to do that, but what if she is disgusted by my acceptance and dumps me?

  • Sounds like she has found a real man.

  • It sounds like you aren't man enough to do anything about it so...

  • As far as I can tell from the videos he does not ever use a condom. She wraps her arms and legs tightly around him and lets him c** inside her.

  • Does he do her bareback?

  • That is so hot!

  • What you gonna do when she gets preggers?

  • To each his own, but I think it may eventually hit you like a ton of bricks, then again maybe not. It's odd how many men are turned on by it.

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