My Teacher

So I am a 17 year old male and there is this hot english teacher that I wanted to have s** with since freshmen year. She has the perfect ass and t*** but she hates me. What do I do?

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  • Spend more time with and around her, preferably alone. Help her with work, compliment her..A lot. Light touches, maybe on the arm or back, then, hello and goodbye hugs. Get close to her, show her you're not a bad person, and, are interested in her as a woman, not just teacher. Be nice to her, always touch her, however you can..Show her your intentions are good.

    Find out what she likes in her personal life..Then provide it. And, again, tell her as often as you can how good she looks, either in that particular shirt, dress, whatever. Let her know you are looking at her, every day. Women love attention.

  • Give her a romantic card with some flowers. Write in the card something like, "I am extremely attracted to you. I understand you may not think I am your type however I am willing to give a you a considerable amount of money if you would be willing to spend a little bit of time alone with me".
    That should be enough for her to understand what you are getting at without getting hit with a response as pleasant as a large dead fish slapped to your face.

  • Wait until you're 18 otherwise you'll get her in trouble.

  • I assume you mean she thinks you're a bad student. In that case you need to get her to ignore that. Just start being really nice to her and doing things to get her attention. Maybe stay after class just to talk to her. And of course, slip in a few flirty remarks. Good luck, friend.

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