The wetter the better

Ive always had an extra love for girls that id be too worried to share with even my best friends. After I get comfortable with a girl I'm f****** and if shes sexy enough, I ask her to p*** on my d*** and stomach. Ive had a special girlfriend for 2 months now and I asked her to pee right into my mouth in the shower. All she drinks is diet coke so her urine actually tastes pretty good and I love the warmth so I drink everything shes got. I get so hard that I smash her after. I'm weird, I know.

Mar 10, 2013

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  • There is nothing like having oral s** and a stream of her urine splashed in your mouth.

  • My wife doesn't do it often but she will sit astride my face and let me drink her pee. Sometimes its right after we f*** and she makes me clean the c** from her p**** before she releases a huge hot stream in my mouth. Yummy!

  • I like where your head's at.
    Jealous you found one to let you drink "from the tap".
    Wish my wife would...

  • I sometimes ask a woman I am with to straddle me and rub it in my face after it's good and wet. And I thought I was a bit weird. Jeez.

  • It's dangerous and can poison you. Recommend looking up facts.

  • Awwwww, pee pee wuv. *PUKE*

  • My ex and I shared a watersport moment together in the shower once. We were at opposite ends of the tub, sitting. She released a stream, and at first it seemed awkward, and then we both got quiet. We ended up having a beautiful, intimate moment, together. We ended up just holding each other, that night, instead of s**. We both admitted the bathtub peeing was the most romantic moment we'd ever shared with someone. Secret and forbidden, but so romantic.

  • its actually not weird at all. lots of people enjoy or even love watersports, and it can be a very very intimate and exciting act in the right setting. if its used as an act of dominion or embarrassment, its not so sexy, but other than that it can be serious thrill. enjoy it and dont let it hang you up.

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