Bittersweet reality.

A few months ago, I posted a confession about how hard I was falling for my anatomy teacher. I was head over heels for the guy, and even contemplated making a move (even though he's married. stupid, I know). last night I found out he and his wife are expecting a baby girl...I honestly don't know how to feel about it! I am extremely happy for them, and I know he's gonna be a great father that will teach her to be strong and hardworking.
yet I also feel a little sad that he's moving on to greater things in his life and will probably forget about me as time goes on. I've spent the last six months of my life hoping to catch the slightest amount of attention from him, and it hurts a little knowing it was never worth it. I thought if I could make him see me then I wasn't as invisible as I thought.
now I don't know what to do. I want the best for him and his new family, but I wish there was some way of letting him remember me, because admire and care for him so much. I don't know why I posted this, I just needed to vent. :/

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  • I hope by now you've talked with your guy and that you guys are hooking it up like crazy! Forget the wife....she's f****** history!!!

  • yes you definitely gotta get with this guy and soon

  • He has a TON more to lose than you so he will never make the first move no matter what. You need to basically come clean with him and tell him how you feel BEFORE the baby is born or he will never accept anything you have to offer again.

    Also, guys are dirty and I'm sure if you told him and tried to fool around with him he wouldn't say no. Especially if you stressed about how discreet you'd be.

  • I agree with this response totally and completely. Don't delay any further. You need to get with this guy NOW, and you need to stay in the relationship with him throughout the pregnancy and after the baby gets born. Once the wife recovers from the birth, she's going to want to start having s** again, so you need to already be in his life and be the one he wants to go to instead of her. In order to make that happen you need to be as sexy with him as you can and always be willing to try whatever he wants to try no matter how nasty you might think it is. And you also need to find fun s** things to do with him (start with the kama sutra and go from there) that YOU initiate so he always thinks of you as the hottest one and better than the wife. GO!!

  • Ditto. Always be nastier and hotter than she is. Find out what she won't do for him in bed, and do that. Be the dirtiest piece of ass he's ever had, and he'll never quit you.

  • ....agreed. you dont have the luxury of letting something grow between you and this guy or waiting to see if he comes to you on his own. you have to move fast and not wait until the baby is born. tell him you want him. tell him he can have you whenever he wants you. tell him he can do anything to you that he ever wants to. tell him that you will never say 'no' to him when it comes to s**. and you have to mean all those things. you should not have waited until your competition got her b**** ass pregnant but you cant change that now. now all you can do is go after your man and get him and you can do that with s**. you have to start now.

  • If he ever gave you any encouragement about the possibility of something happening between the two of you, then you shouldn't abandon hope. Women have much better radar about those sorts of attractions than men, so if you felt him wanting you, I would say your judgment is probably sound. I would also say that you should go and talk with him......not about your feelings, but just to talk, and to see if you detect any continued desire coming from him. Maybe the pregnancy has changed things for him, but maybe not. And you don't have enough information to make that determination. The wife may have tricked him into knocking her up. He may not want the child. (Not to call her a w****, but it's also possible that it isn't even his.) The pregnancy may have actually increased the strain on the marriage. She may have done it to keep other women away. I have no idea what might be behind it, but neither do you. Don't give up hope if you still want him and you have reason to believe he still wants you. At least get yourself in his presence, and then see what happens. He may wish it was YOU who's carrying his baby. And he may already be in love with you and be too afraid to show it...........especially to you.

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