After many years with the same guy, I've slowly come to realize that I am in love with my ex. He was my best friend and helped me get through some rough stuff growing up. We were together for a lot longer than my current guy, but somewhere along the line, life took us on two different paths. Anyway my current boyfriend knows my feelings twords my ex and is hoping I'll just get over it. Last night during s** however, he started saying things like "tell me who you really want" "what do you want him to do to you" "say his name" he started gett ng aggressive, choking me and getting off to it. I lay there limp letting him finish.. soon after I went to the bathroom, and broke down. I've never felt like such a w****, and he used my love for this man against me. I already feel bad for loving the other guy but now I'm humilliated and I want my boyfriend to stay away from me

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  • C** lovers

  • Poo-tang! s***-tang! s***-tang! s***-tang!

  • I too am in a relationship that is not fulfilling. I have children, so understand how you haven't left. Have you spoken to your ex to see if he feels the same way about you? If he feels the same, take your daughter and run!

    Stuff the fact that your man has money. U will be happier without the money, and being with the one you love. Just make sure that you actually do love your ex. It may be that you see him as a knight in shining armour, as you might see him as being the way out of an unhappy relationship.

    When it comes down to it, money can't really buy your husband custody of your daughter. He won't have control over the courts. I am sure that is his way of scaring u in to staying with him. Leave.

  • You are astonishingly self-deluded. When you told him you were "in love" (I seriously doubt you know the meaning of the phrase, but for the sake of argument, I'm pretending you do) with another man, what result did you think you'd get? Let me assure you that the result you got was far better than the result you deserved. You are not the only person in the world -- and not the only one in that relationship -- who's entitled to feelings. How do you think your man feels?

  • Fantastic. You act irresponsibly and bring a child into this world, without any regard for the reality of your relationship.

    You will then use tht child as a weapon in a relationship with a man you don't love.
    You couldn't keep your legs closed long enough to THINK of the consequences?

  • Sounds to me like he's dealing with a lot of hurt, too. Shame on you for putting him through that.

  • "he used my love for this man against me."

    And what were you using your current guy for? Free meals? Ego boost? Money?
    You love someone else, you tell him you love someone else and yet don't walk away. Why? Because you feel he's a whimp and needy?

    I'm not saying what he did is right. But realize, you used him and you've been using him. You're staying with him tells HIM that you think him insignificant and that he can be taken for granted.

    then again, he should have been man enough to just walk away. Be a fool for love, never an a******. You made him feel like the latter.

  • To those if you saying I'm using him that's not the case we have a childtogether and when I threatened to leave him he said he would take her from me. His family has money and connections to most of the judges in my town. In never once put him down or make him feel bad but I WILL NOT loose my daughter. So if it means I have to pretend with him then so be it.

  • Mission Accomplished.

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