I'm In Love With Someone Else

I'm a 44-year-old professional man. I have been married for 23 years and I have 3 children. But... I'm in love with my dear childhood friend and have been for so long.

I ache for her and would love to run to her. But I have children who need me. I'm a good father and would never abandon them or make them feel like their lives have been demoted because their selfish father fell in love.

But every day I weep for the girl who I love the most and want to grow old with.

My season is coming. That's what I tell myself. My season is coming soon. Not yet... but soon.

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  • My wife left me and our kids. Now I have found a sexual woman. so much better

  • "I ache for her and would love to run to her."
    No, what you ache for is your youth. What you ache for is the time in your life when maybe your dreams were still possible. Maybe you looked better, felt better. The mundane everyday life of a father and husband wasn't an issue. This childhood friend is a metaphor for THAT time in your life. The reality is you can think about her free of the issues of real life.
    I felt the same way about an ex-GF. Thought I'd be happier had it just worked out.
    Then I had an epiphany - it wasn't her I missed. It was ME that I missed. Liberated me to finally realize to make now better and stop reliving the past.

  • Pure wisdom.

  • That left you to ... friend or your wife and cildrens...i think you stay with your family they need you more than her.....

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