I Did Things With My Best Friend

I am a 16 year old girl, and I think I might have ruined my friendship with my best friend. It started one night when I was over at her house. Her parents were asleep and she suggested we drink some liquor to have more fun. This was only my second time getting drunk and her first. At first we were really giggly and just dancing around. I kept drinking because I wanted to feel really drunk because it was fun, but after a while things got really weird. I was dancing and then tripped and toppled onto the floor. She started laughing and then sat on my hips while I was laying on my back. At first I didn't think it was that weird, because we were both intoxicated and it was fun and funny. But then she leaned down and got real close to my face. I just kind of started at her, not knowing what to do, and then she said "Do you want me to kiss you?". I was so shocked I didn't say anything and she is a really religious girl, so her suggesting lesbian activities made me confused, because I always thought she was against that stuff. But anyways, then she said "I can kiss you right? Its not weird. We are best friends. Its not weird." I just blankly nodded and then she really quickly kissed me on the lips. We just laughed and she started dancing while straddling my hips, kind of humping me. By this time I could see what direction this was going in and I got a little excited. I always kind of knew I was bisexual because I got really turned on when I would think about doing stuff with girls. So I didn't really mind what was going on, but it was still a little weird and felt wrong to me. Anyways, so then she kissed me some more and we kind of made-out while she was humping me. I could feel my p**** getting wet and I really liked it. I don't know if that was just the liquor though, because by then I was pretty drunk. So, then we kissed a lot more and it was fun. We talked about stuff too, like how we both masturbated and stuff. I think we got closer that night. Then later we were kind of getting tired so we moved to her bed and laid under the covers. We kissed some more and I started to move my hand over to her breast. I cupped her breast and pinched her nipples and she seemed to like it. And then she did the same to me. Things were starting to get hot so I tried to slip my hand into her panties, but then she stopped me. I think she was scared and insecure about her body at the time. So I pushed a few more times to do it, but she kept saying no, so eventually I stopped and we went to sleep. The next morning she was acting really weird and like it never happened, so I just went along with it. We haven't discussed it at all and we go on acting like it never happened, but it is a little awkward, because we both know it did happen. She has been kind of distant since it happened too. I think she feel guilty for doing it or something. But i think it is ruining our friendship. She has come over two more times since then and both the times we have done stuff. Every time we sleepover together we do something and it has gotten worse and worse each time like more sexually advanced. But to me it just seems so weird and strange and wrong. I'm not a lesbian, but I am probably bisexual, but I would never date a girl or marry one. I just like them sexually. So, I don't really know what to think. I might have done something really wrong, so I'm starting to regret that night and what happened. I really like her as a friend and would hate if this ruined that.


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  • I would say that if you are feeling wrong about it, then your conscience is telling you something. It's not a permanent condition, though. You may want to talk to your ecclesiastical leader, though, if you have one. As far as your friend goes, I hope that it can blow over. Often these kinds of things do make relationships difficult, but perhaps being open and honest about it with her would help. I hope that everything can heal over! Lots of love, SRE.

  • It's not wrong, you're just experimenting. As for her acting strange, she may just be embarrassed or confused. I don't know what to tell you about trying to talk to her about it though...

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