My freinds dared my crush to kiss me HELP!!

At school during Lunch we were playing "Truth or Dare". My freinds dared my crush to kiss me in the staircase when. I did not know they dared him on this, until my freind told me. I got kind of scared and nervous so when it was time to leave lunch I ran to class really fast. He ended up not kissing me. But when we were outside leaving to go home,my crush and his freind were chasing after me, his freind captured me but I broke free. I heard them saying they would do it on Monday. There is no chance of running because like 5 boys are gonna hold me down anyway. I'm excited but really scared because we're freinds. I also like him. BTW, if he kisses me this would be my first kiss and I think his first kiss also.

1.Would my crush actually kiss me?
2.If he does kiss me what would happen next? What should I do?
3.Does my crush like me or is he just doing it for the dare?
4. We will still talk to each other if he kisses me.

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  • What are you learning in school. You sure aren't learning , 'i' before 'e'

  • Shove your tongue in his mouth and thrust your hand down his pants and tease him, push up against him gently, rubbing yourself on him...

    No need to thank me ;)

  • Stop running you know you WANT him to kiss you. Okay you can pretend to run a little but don't try too hard. He's trying hard to kiss you, so he probably wants to kiss you too, or else he wouldnt try too hard. So just pretend to run away a little but let them catch you and let him kiss you. You know you want it. Most of all just have fun its only a kiss.

  • Come out of the closet,tom cruise.

  • LOL.

  • silly rabbit.........turning tricks ain't for kids.....

  • Are you like five? "They will hold you down and kiss you" Omg grow up what grade are you in f****** kindergarden.

  • Your first kiss should NOT be something done for public consumption or because of pressure from other people. If you want to kiss him, and he wants to kiss you, tell him that. And tell him you'll meet him before or after school, or over the weekend, or at night, and the two of you can kiss --- NOTHING MORE!! --- and the two of you can see how it goes. Then, if the two of you decide to let the "dare" play out, you can, but by then it'll just be a lark and you can both play it up or down and make it look disappointing to your "audience" or make it look hot. But don't let him or his friends or your friends MAKE you do this. Even if they hold you down (assuming it doesn't constitute a kidnapping, as a legal latter), THEY can't make HIM kiss you. You and he need to be in control of this whole thing. So take control.

  • Just remember this~
    A kiss is just a kiss~

  • You like him ? and they dared you to kiss him -.-t F***** DAMN KISS HIM , ITS ONLY A KISS !!


  • If they hold you down, that constitute as forceable confinement, and borderline rape. If you really want to kiss him, don't run! That way nobody gets into trouble...I think.

  • No there are not going to rape me, it is just to get h to do it because they know I like I him. I just don't know if he is really going to do it TOMRROW on Monday

  • And their not actually going to hol me down their only going to block me from running away and also to watch and see if there going to actually complete the dare. Their NOT bad people OK THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND PLEASE DON'T TAKE THEM THE WRONG WAY!

  • Stop getting scared and do it.... -_-

  • Umm Thks.

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