It’s me confessing

I confess that I still miss my guy friend that I used to had. We met at school, we mostly had all our classes together. Then our teacher had gave us a game work on computers and I struggle doing that, I didn’t understand how to do it!! So then one day my friend posted me in her Snapchat story and @ me so he added me. Then we started texting and everything and I was like oh do you know the answers for the game and he’s like yeah so he gave me them, he used to send me videos on snap. Then days passed and I still needed the answers so he said let’s just FaceTime I’ll be easier so I was like sure and I was shy talking but I did talk. Then we talked at school and everything was going well. We started texting every single day and FaceTiming almost every night. During this time I didn’t thought about us, like I just knew we were freinds. Then in school people use to say he liked my freind and I think my friend had somewhat feelings for him too. So when we used to FaceTime I used to tell him soo what’s with you and my friend and he’s like oh idk I don’t think she likes me because he likes my freind. And I use to tell my freind you like him? And she was always like no I like someone else which I knew who. So he had stopped talking o her and me and him talked more and texted aswell. We used to be very toxic, like for everything he used to get mad or me but he always ended up saying sorry bc he’s the one that almost got mad at everything not me. So this one day came around and I he got mad at me again and I told him THIS IS THE LAST TIME IM GOING TO FORGIVE YOU💚 and he’s like okay. Then one day comes around where he calls me pretty and everything but I heard that he had called my freind cute aswell he says he find us both cute and in my head I’m like wtf he said I’m the only cute one. So I got mad at him and didn’t reply to his messages and he’s like Ik why you are mad bc I called your friend cute. So he send me a bunch of paragraphs saying how he’s sorry and he finds me more attractive then her. That I’m the only thing on his mind and always will be. But at the same time he texted my other friend which knew about all this and tells her idk how to feel about this he says I don’t wanna lose her and all that. And I texted back saying I’ll reply back to you within weeks I need time. And he’s like take all your time I am truly sorry and that he’ll learn from his mistakes. Then weeks pass and I still haven’t texted him bc I felt there’s no reason to like it’s done I don’t wanna be a second choice you and never will I be to anybody. So he texted me saying if we could at least me freinds and I said sure why bit because I didn’t want him to feel bad. After that I didn’t reply, I used to see him at school but didn’t talk to him or looked at him. All this s*** happend and my freind that he called cute doesn’t even know about this situation. I honestly think about him sometimes but I don’t want to, I don’t miss him I just kiss the way someone was there for me to FaceTime everyday and texted with me 24/7. S*** always ends it’s not forever.

Nov 4, 2020

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  • Get on with your school work and refrain from focusing on nonsense!

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