I want my roommate

A couple months ago I made a post on here about my high school ex and I, who (now in college) are roommates. I would still love to me with her, but she's always with someone. She frequently brings home this guy with a great body, tattoos, and the whole, "bad boy apeal". People suggested that I tell here how I feel. And I did.
She didnt exactly jump into my arms and fall in love. Actually, she didnt even say anything. Embarrassed, I just let the whole thing go. But a couple days later when I thought I was home alone, I was jerking off in the shower and she came in to the bathroom naked! It was like a f****** fantasy dream! But of course, she abruptly left and never spoke of it again. She must have told her "boyfriend" that I presude HER, because he keeps giving dirty looks every time I see him. I just wish I could have her to myself and life wasn't so b***** confusing.

Apr 7, 2013

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  • By telling her how you feel you just made things worse and she
    got her guards high, Probably she may think of moving out of the apartment, so nice job genius. Bring home as many girls as possible and ignore her, by doing this there'll be a phenomenon called "Social Proof" (research it) hopefully this will turn out in your favor. Let me know what d'you think.

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