Cant let go

I had gf for 8 months we was good together i felt like had found my soul mate but in february a day after vday she broke up with me and told me things werent goin right. then she told me she was cheating on me. since she has told me that i have not been able to get over that. we have tried being friends but that dont work cuz i keep bringing us up then she will block me from her phone so i will send her emails tellin her how sorry i am. i will cry myself to sleep at night and lo.ok at her pictures im still in love with this girl and hurts to see she still with the person she cheated on me with. sometimes i blame myself maybe if i would of did this or that she would still be with me. im still constantly txt and callin her telling her that i miss her. like im hurting inside and then im goin thru family issues my stepdad walked out on my mom and told her he didnt wanna be married no more like that jus brings back memories when my mom was married to my dad. my dad used to tell my mama how he didnt want her no more. i really think i need counseling im scared one day i might lose it.

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  • I agree you might lose it if it has not already happened

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