the beach house - endless summer part I or part V. WHATEVER!

Where am I? What the h***? I am drunk, the sun is shining, and I can feel my head pounding. I open my eyes and my

face is two inches away from being scratched by cactus! DAMN! I stand up. I am covered in dry sand and I am on a bed

of kelp that washed up and smelled like death! I am perplexed. How did I end up down here? I look out at the ocean

and I feel the warmth of the sun. I NEED ASPIRIN! I know that today will kick ass if I can circumvent my headache.

I opened the beach door and walk up the stairs while brushing myself off. Travis is in the kitchen with some chick

making breakfast. "Well, look what the cat dragged in!" "Yeah, yeah, blow me!" I didn't even try to start a conversation.

I went back outside and I took a shower on the patio. It was cold as h*** but I needed to wake up. I am wasted. I

know I had a good time last night. But at some point I crashed on the beach.

Travis is whipping up egg burritos. I can't move. He and his girl are still laughing at me. "Well, Travis. I can't go

home. as a matter of fact, I do not want to go back. EVER." Travis said OK. "I mean it. I want to live here." Travis

looked at me and said, "Fine. Just don't be a mooch." and that was it. It was never talked about again. I just hooked

up the best summer set up you could ask for. "Travis, you are a bro! I will earn my keep. It is not even a question."

Now I started to feel better. S**** my hangover! Let's Party!

Travis is so laid back. I think he could get hit by a semi and be like, "Dude, that sucked!" Anyway, so I get the bright

idea we should go to the grocery store and just load up on everything. I mean everything! I didn't care what it cost, what

was in the cart. I just wanted to buy everything!

Now, I already have a sweet track record with the ladies in the beach house. We discuss how we are going to, or should I say,

I am just following Travis' gameplan, that the party will be a Hawaiian Luau theme tonight. I go back out to the BBQ store, buy

a bunch of meat and stuff there, then I go to the Hilo store, I buy all this crazy Hawaiian stuff, I got tiki torches, pineapples,

whatever. I am still wrecked and we are all setting it up.

People start trickling in about 3 o'clock. I drink to level my buzz out. Tonight, I am going to go slow. I am really going to take

my time before I try to seal the deal. I have an empty room and I grab whatever I can to make a temporary bed, linens, pillows, I am

too trashed to go back out again. Later.

I am so into this vibe. Travis is the magic man in my book. I want to ask him a million questions but I just let it go. I figure someone

will fill me in when the time is right.

The music is bumpin', the hotties are piling in, the BBQ is a smokin', I am meeting so many people I am just saying what up dude to every

body. G*******! There are half naked chicks everywhere. I am making eye contact and small talk but I want to see as

much as my blurried eyes will let me until I start to attack!

And then, there she was. Monica! She had sandy blond hair, huge tig 'ol bitties, bigger, rounder hips and big big eyes! I love big eyes! better

than cat eyes. Monica wasn't the prototype barbie doll. That's not what I wanted anyway. at least not tonight. I saw those hips and big ol knockers

and I just wanted to BARRY WHITE this broad down on the beach!

I introduce myself. We make small talk for what seemed like forever. I asked her who she knew here. She said Paula! F***! Paula's here. Think fast.

I can't be all phucked up and deal with drama right now. I played it off. Have you been here before? NO. Let's go walk on the beach. Is that cool? She

was on her feet before she said yes! CHA-CHING!

I run upstairs grab a blanket or two and on the way down I grab a blow up floating thing for the pool. We walk down the wooden steps. I have a h******

already. I say, do you want to go for a swim? We get into the ocean and have our first kiss in the moonlight! BAM! She is definitely into me. There is

no more need for bullshit conversation.

I dig all the sand around us and make a sand bed. I make walls with the sand to give us more privacy. I put the floatation device thing under the bottom

blanket. I make our bed. She gets between the blankets with me. We both have ear to ear grins. I am not going too fast coz I am wasted, I can't believe all

of my good luck, I am laughing inside because Paula is upstairs somewhere, and I can probably hit that too later, I just moved in to this crazy house, I have

no responsibilities for three months, ahhh, LIFE IS GOOD!

So I wiggle the flotation thing so it is directly under my ass. I move Monica on top of me and I spread my legs so

that they are over the edge of our newly made sand bed. Monica didn't even take off her swim suit. She just moved her bottoms to the side and then I pulled

her top to the sides so I could play with those t****** and expose her beautiful nipples. Babygirl mounts me and just works those killer hips. We are gyrating

in motion, I take my hands off of her hips now that she is all the way down. I put my hands behind my head, look up at the stars and let her do all the work.

I can tell she is getting close. Her nipples are sticking straight out. The floatation device adds a weird but cool bounce and I lift her up right as I blow.

Don't need to press my luck! We lay there and I feel just so blessed. Monica doesn't start in with stupid talk and we just sigh and hold each other. Is this

chick the best or what? I wonder. Will there be a second helping? Next thing I know, I am zonked out!

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