I'm afraid to let go

Four guys at the office I work at are always teasing me saying things that get me thinking but I'm afraid if I let go and let them take me it will end up all over the office BUT it happened last night. On the way to my car Larry came up behind me took hold of my b****** and said in a sexy voice in my ear he's been watching me all day and couldn't resist my perky b****** my nipples got hard as rocks immediately and he didn't waist any time in fondling them and that got me wet as h*** I tried to break away but inside of me I pressed against him instead and I felt his hard c*** against my ass and I felt so helpless I wanted to scream out but I bit my7 lip instead I wanted to run away but I fell back onto him and his hands now beneath my blouse cupping both b****** i felt so helpless I couldn't do anything but let him do what he wanted. Still holding onto me he took me into the back of the delivery van and layed me down upon the floor removing my blouse he began to suck upon my nipples one then the other and I don't even remember him removing my shorts but he did right along with my panties now I lay before him totally nude his hands spreading my legs he teased, his tongue ran along my t***, nipples along the folds of abdomen nibbling at my pubic hair and then his tongue touched my c*** and I started to scream all from wanting but I bit my lip and I tasted blood. my own and his lips fell upon mine and we locked in a embrace and his fingers began to fondle p**** making it wetter than it already was and before I knew it he was in between my legs rubbing the head of his c*** against me and then he pressed himself into me I bit down onto his neck and he gave me all he had to offer and I raised my hips to meet his thrust and it wasn't long till we both came right at the same time and I came over and over and he continued to bang away at my p**** and we both collapsed into each others arms.
NHow I'm afraid he's gonna be telling all the other guys in the office and I'm afraid to look into his eyes for I want him again and again. I get so hot just thinking about him even at my desk I find myself playing with my nipples thinking about him, wanting but afraid when our paths cross again.

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  • Lol bullshit story. no one would dare do that in this day and age and not fear losing their job and getting sued over sexual assault

  • So take your bull s*** and stuff it guy

  • We had lunch together today and we talked about yesterday and we both admitted we've been attracted to each other for several months but didn't do anything about it. Larry is coming for diner after work and we're going out afterwards.

  • This sounds so much like a BS fantasy story cooked up by some h**** guy. A scenario he runs through his mind while j**********. However, if it helps him get off, great!

  • You obviously have deep, deep feelings for each other, and a powerful attraction to each other, so I say that you should totally go for it. S** is for fun, and you should have as much as you possibly can.

  • Stick with just him if u dont want to be labeled the office s***

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