First gay encounter

So the wife and I went on vacation last week in Florida. Stayed at a hotel on the beach. We stayed the weekend there. We already live in Florida but no where close to the beach.

So my wife loves to be at the beach and in the ocean. She stays down there most of the day. I stay up at the poolside bar and down by the pool. I just keep my swim trunks on all day and then shower and change when it's time for dinner and the two of us go out somewhere.

So, the first day I notice a guy looking at me. I'm wearing sunglasses so he doesn't know I'm looking at him but he is definitely looking at me. I pay it no mind the first day. Second day same thing. He is definitely checking me out. I go up to the poolside bar and get a beer. I am smoking a cigar and having my beer. He comes up and orders something. I say hello to him and he says hello back. I say, "Do I know you?" He says, "I don't think so, why?" I say, "You've been looking at me for two days now. What's up?" He said, "Oh nothing much. Hey, my boyfriend has some bbq chicken cooking over on a little grill over at our room. Wanna come?"

Once we get there he says, "Oh, my name is mike. This is Chris. Your name is?" I say, "I'm Steve." Chris says, "He is pretty cute." Mike says, "Yes he is. Told ya." We sit at their table and have bbw chicken, grilled corn on the cob and green beans. Afterwards Chris says, "You wanna stay a bit and have some fun?" I say, "What kind of fun?" He says, "The kind where we pull the blinds closed and take those trunks off you." I say, "Well, I'm married." Mike says, "She doesn't have to know. We certainly won't tell." Now, I have been with men before. My wife doesn't know. Not sure how I gave off a vibe.

Chris approaches me and undoes my strings. He pulls the Velcro apart and pulls my c*** out. He starts stroking it. He says to me, "You sure you don't wanna stay?" I look at my watch and say, "Well, I do have a couple hours." Chris drops my shorts (we are about 5 ft from the sliding glass door to his room. Luckily his room isn't in a high traffic area.) and says, "That's the spirit. Come on inside.

We go inside. I'm now naked. They both take off their clothes. Mike says, "Let's rinse all the lotion and stuff off first." We go into the bathroom and they have a massive stand up shower. We all three go in. It's a bit of a squeeze but we all fit with some room to move. They are soaping up me and each other. They pay special attention to my a******, b**** and my c***.

I'm facing mike. He starts kissing me. He has ahold of my c*** and is stroking it. Chris is behind me. He is pressed against me. He pushes his c*** between my butt cheeks and is rubbing it against my a******. He is kissing the back of my neck and it's driving me wild. Mike gets on his knees and is sucking on my b**** and c***. Chris soaps up his c*** and pushes it to my a******. He starts to ease it in. Again, not my first time with a man and it doesn't hurt when he puts his c*** in. Chris says, "I'm not hurting you am I?" I say, "No. Not at all." Mike says, "Not a first timer huh? Nice. I'm gonna let you two warm up while I dry off."

Mike gets out, grabs a towel and heads out. I bend over and put my palms on the shower wall. Chris grabs my hips and pushes his c*** all the way in. He gets b**** deep and says, "So honey, your wife know you get f***** by men?" I say, "No. She has no idea." He says while now pumping his c*** in and out, "Good. Naughty boy are you? I like it. How hard do you like it?" I say, "I'm loving it right now. You can f*** me harder if you want." He takes his hands off my hips and thrusts hard into my ass. Each thrust you can hear as his thighs slap against my ass. Mike opens the door and says, "Hey now. Let's get in bed and continue this there."

We both get out and get toweled off. The three of us get on the bed. Mike starts sucking my d***. I start sucking Chris's d*** and he sucks mikes. I don't want this to get too far. Mike is laying on his side. I get behind him. He hands me lube. I lube my c*** and slide it in his ass. Chris gets behind me, lubes his c*** and puts his back in my ass. I don't last long. I c** in mike's ass. He flips over and puts his c*** in my mouth while Chris f**** me. I finish sucking off mike and swallow his load. Chris gets me on my hands and knees and f**** me doggystyle. He c*** in my ass. Doesn't even ask. Just does it.

We get cleaned up. We exchange numbers so we can have fun again before we have to leave. I walk out the patio door and my wife was walking by. She says, "Oh there you are. I've been looking for you. I have a couple of new friends that want to go to dinner with us tonight. What have you been doing?" I say, "Just guy stuff." She says, "Cool. Well I got too much sun. Wanna rub some aloe on me?" I say, "Sure thing." Looking at her bathing suit which was inside out

Jun 4, 2016

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  • Good story..I enjoyed it..I have never done 2 at a time, but would love to try.

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