just because its fun

i been having an affair with one of my husbands busines partners for almost a year. i dont really have an excuse like some women do like my husband isnt interested or hes always gone or hes always mean. its nothing like that and our mariage and our s** life is just fine. i just like the extra atention and i like the exttra s**. but the main thing i like is just all the cheating and the secrets and how hot it is to be somewhere with my husband and my other man is there with his wife. its just so m************ hot is all and it makes the whole thing so much fun. i love that s*** where my husband and my lovers wife are with us somewhere and they have no f****** clue what me and him are up to when they arent around. i just f****** cant get enough of it because its so fun and so nasty.

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  • Please more details, how it all started? this is so darn amazing and exciting.

  • ... I wonder who else your husband's business partner is f******? Oh, let me guess, ... you think that you're the only one right? He can't be faithful to the woman that he went in front of friends and family and took wedding vows with, but he's honest with you, right?

  • Actually yes he is honest with me and i am the same with him. i mean it wouldnt matter if he hooked it with another woman because what we have isnt love and we wont ever leave our spouses for it. we just both totaly love how hot and nasty our relationsip is and we both think the cheating is just amazing. yes we both took vows but what we are doing is so hot that the vows dont cover it because they cant cover it because we cant have this INSIDE our marriages. if we could we wouldnt never need to cheat. see?

  • Yes, I see. How do you think that I knew that you would say that he is honest with you? I've read this same story many times before on this website. These stories always end in one of three ways: 1) the spouses find out (usually a third party sees you two together and tells one of the spouses), 2) you get pregnant by him and years down the line the husband finds out when the child grows to look more like his business partner than himself, or 3) your husband's business partner contracts AIDS or another STD from another woman he's f******, gives it to you, and you give it to your husband. There is always an end, it doesn't go on forever for the rest of your life, and the end is always sad. Like someone just starting to smoke crack cocaine, regardless of who they are, you already know that their story will not end well, and unfortunately, neither will yours. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.
    Like I said before, I've heard this story countless times before. This is the part where you tell me how your situation is different (because you use condoms, and are extremely careful about when and where you meet, etc) and how just because I've seen others' stories end tragically, this doesn't mean that yours will. Somehow, your situation is different, and I don't know what I'm talking about. Everyone in this situation always says that... up until the doctor informs you that you have just tested positive for HIV.

  • Depressing s*** for the idea of monogamy. So what you just find this other dude sexier or would you f*** any dude AS sexy as your husband secretly and do the bearing his child for hubby to raise with you thing? Seems like trolling the way you speak about this.

  • S***

  • Lol. :0 i been called worse. i actually think being called a s*** is like a honor.

  • Please more details, how it all started? I can imagine the thrill you feel. Your life is spice up!

  • sometimes i get with a guy who works where my husband works and its always better than home. i dont love that guy but i do love the hookup.

  • You should do the other guy on your husband's desk at their office. Don't give him up ever.

  • ur right.........cheating IS fun

  • It's sad that we can put people we say we love in a mine field of heart ache and despair. We don't even need a gun, all we have to do is drop our pants. Many of you who cheat have no idea of the emotional pain you are about to put the person through who loves you innocently and completely. I battle suicidal ideation every other day, and murderous feelings on the other days for the person who took my wife and used her when she was still just a 21 year old girl and he was a 50 year old married man with children of his own. The pain I feel overwhelms me daily, and is the most pain I have ever felt in my life. I could take his life and feel no remorse, something I was incapable of doing.

  • jeez dude....if you had invested even HALF of the emotion and passion and thought and imagination and energy and "ideation" in your marriage that you have invested in your misery, your wife wouldn't have left you for a guy over twice her age. the problem isn't with her or with him. the problem is with you. she just went looking for what you weren't giving her. AND SHE FOUND IT.

  • Jeez dude, f*** off, you people only care about yourselves and your d****/vaginas. The problem is with YOU and your lack of conscience.

  • I agree with the OP: having an affair with hubby's friends is a hot and exciting thing to do. I'm only having one right now, but in the past I've had as many as two at a time (not together in one room, but just going on during the same period of time).

  • I'm begging you for more details please! this is darn hot!

  • Filthy aids filled w****. Just putting it out there

  • no aids or other stds. we stay very clean.

  • damn sexy

  • Sexy for losers who can't find real women maybe.

  • but i am a real woman. every man i ever had has said so.

  • One day your husband will find out and run your body through a woodchipper

  • he wont ever find out. im smarter than him.

  • You sound very dumb though.

  • Nothing is as luscious as the forbidden fruit. After being married to a frigid woman for 8 years, I love s****. I have been with several married women and they are the best and it so hot.

  • i am so happy for you that you found that kind of happiness outside of your own marriage like i did. and actually you sound almost exactly like my man in the way you express yourself and he is totally totally hot.

  • What happens when you find out that your husband and that guys wife have been doing the same?

  • they arent doing nothing believe me. they just dont care enough to try it. thats part of the fun that me and my lover have is knowing that they dont get it and wont look at it for what it is. what him and me have is unbeleivbly hot and filthy.

  • If they aren't doing NOTHING, then they are doing something. How old are you that you do not understand that double negatives are an incorrect way of conversing.

  • Guh-ross. Please kill yourself because you should never ever ever be a mom.

  • sorry but I am already. i have 2 kids for my husband and i have been seriously thinking lately about having one for my lover but letting everybody else think that my husband is the father. i think that would be so totally and unbeleivably hot and i sort of think my lover would love that arrangement too. i almost cant wait to have him knock me up so i can carry his baby and then raise it in my husbands family with that nasty little secret behind it. fun!!

  • I don't care what these morons say: I think you're amazing and so hot.

  • Hot for losers who can't affor a real woman maybe ;P

  • w h o r e

  • X100000000000

  • You are nothing but a nasty c***.

  • Nasty is too small of a word to describe this twisted worm f***.

  • God you are sooooooo nasty. I love you.

  • adultery is so delicious

  • Because it's fun? Let's see how much fun it is when you're caught... it doesn't matter how "careful" you are, if it goes on, it will be known. You're ridiculous, and so is your "lover". I hope you lose it all.

  • That's right......you are a total w****.

  • ur unbeleivably trashy and ur a seriuos w****

  • The general population believes that men are the heartless cheaters, but really women are just scandalous harlots. It's absolutely f****** sad. I honestly hope you and your lover lose everything.

  • amen. i agree completely with everything this poster just said.

  • As do I.

  • You're playing with fire and you don't see it. Your husband is a man, and men have no radar at all, so he's not going to figure it out on his own that you've been f****** his business partner and friend. But your lover's wife is a woman, and women have very sensitive radar about these things. When all four of you are out together, there'll be a glance, or a smile, or a touch, or a word, or something tangible exchanged between you and the other man that will display the heat that exists between the two of you, and she'll notice it. She won't say anything the first time, or the second, or third, but a pattern of behavior will develop over time -- a pattern you don't see -- and she'll finally know that you've been f****** her husband and that you still are f****** her husband. It's inevitable, because you and he aren't smart enough to hide those feelings, and then she will know. And your fun will be over. Unfortunately, so will your marriage. End it before she figures out just how stupid and selfish you and her husband are.

  • Twisted c***!

  • i guess it is kinda twisted but thats part of the fun dont you see?

  • It's fun for those who lack a f****** conscience, I hope you, your crabby pants and your 'lover' (better word would be 'pig') end in a fire because you deserve it

  • You will be caught and then it won't be so much fun.

  • It is fun

  • It is really fun. Extramarital s** is really really fun. There is no liability and highest level of psychological well-being involved in this type of relationship. Carry on, cautiously. Have fun.

  • yes yes yes yes yes it is

  • Really the only thing better than cheating s** is doing it with somebody your husband knows and works with. I had that once for three years but then lost it when my lover returned to his wife exclusively. I am sooooooo jealous of what you have!

  • I had the same arrangement, too, but my lover (and friend of my husband) didn't end it to go back to his wife: he dumped me for a 17yo blonde with the body of a runway model. Can't compete with that s***.

  • Another generic s***.

  • I love you... :)

    I'm a man and I feel absolutely the same way you do. Such a turn on cheating and especially secretly playing and flirting wen both spouses are present. Just adds to the whole attraction and pleasure.

    Keep it going baby... Keep it going!

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