I'm a disgrace to my family.

I have below a 3 GPA in high school. I come from a family that goes to good colleges. It's not that I don't try, I just don't do that well. I try and then when I see my friends, they don't study nearly as much and they do better. My parents aren't proud of me, and it really hurts. I know it's my fault, but my high school career is pretty much finished. I hate this

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  • It's like you took every words out of my mouth , I am in the same situation as you . I try so hard to do well even if I am doing well I always have that one class that is preventing my Gpa from increasing.Various of my friends doesn't study and they still get better grade then me yeah it's frustrating because sometimes you have no motivation to do anything , Sometimes I feel like a failure especially since my sister is so intelligent and me I am just there . I have a 2.4 Gpa and I study so hard . Yeah it suck but honestly you just have to keep on trying and work and study hard if you are a Junior or below you still have time I am sophomore and my goal for this quarter and next year is to get at least at 3.0 Gpa , Stay after school with your teacher and keep on studying I am trying to find a tutor but it's so expensive . Just keep on working hard some college does not look that much into a person Gpa but still keep on trying .

  • Both of you are being way to h****** yourselves.
    School is school and all you can do is your best.
    If you have difficulty in a specific class, find someone to help you. I went to summer school two summers in a row to make up the classes I failed, and took classes I "needed" my senior year and graduated the first semester of my senior year.
    Regardless of your GPA you will still be able to get into college, maybe not the one you "want" to go to, but you will get your ass through the college door. From there take classes you need to get into the college you "want" to get into. don't take this s*** too seriously....

    I knew a kid that was a Junior in High School who was a straight A student because his parents were on his ass all the time about his grades.
    Report Card day, he got home from school and went into the bathroom, laid down in the bathtub, put a 12 gauge shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger....all because of a f****** B....he was a good kid...and his parents f***** it all up. Don't you f*** it all up...never give up, never surrender. You will make it, just don't stop trying.

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