New Country, Old ways

I really don't mind immagrants coming to america because, well, america was founded by immagrants. What p***** me the f*** off is when immagrants come to america from their f***** up country and act like they're still there for example. Muslims come to america still believing that they're women should be fully clothed and should always be accompanied by a male. They believe that they should only marry other muslims and other bullshit. WTF?? This is AMERICA HOME OF THE FREE! Once you became an american (legally) you said F*** YOU to ur old country and customs and came to start anew.

Same goes for the chinese. Some come from the mainland still thinking they should come enjoy all the benefits of being an american but only associate and do business with other chinese. H*** there's even part of chicago and LA called chinatown. If u really wanna associate with ur own kind TAKE UR A**** BACK TO COMMUNISTIC CHINA!

How the f*** can some immagrants think they can live in this melting pot called america but still seclude themselves to the rules of the s***** country they left behind..LOOK UP THE BILL OF RIGHTS M************ AND UNDERSTAND THAT IN AMERICA U CAN DO AND BE WHATEVER THE F*** U WANT.

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  • The lowest of the low are Pakistani and Bangladeshi "Muslims". They have no concept of Islam.
    For example, on the subject of clothing the Holy Quran says that women should wear their dresses long and cover their b******. It says nothing about them wearing a hijab with the face covered or of wearing trousers.
    Concerning dogs, the Holy Quran says a Muslim may eat the meat brought by his hunting dog; it does not say stone them to death as many Pakistanis do.
    There is one hadith that states that when the Prophet (peace be upon him) heard of a prostitute giving a dog water from a well, he said that she had earned her place in Paradise - he did not say to stone her to death or kiill the dog.
    A real Muslim knows that alcohol is not forbidden; it is only reprehensible.
    Anyone who kills or maims his daughter for adultary is not a Muslim. The penalty fo a female who commits adultery is 100r adultery, according to th Holy Quran, is 100 stripes.
    I could go on and on, but I've probably bored you enough.
    Please learn about true Islam, and do not call such scum and vermin "Musliim".

    Mamun Muhamed Khan.

  • What got me on this topic was 2 years ago some f***** muslim killed his 2 teenage daughters because they both were dating american boys. Then the f***** hid in new york and/or fled the country. Like a 13 and 14 yr old arab born and raised in america would want to have an arranged marriage to a 30 somethin year old hairy m*********** running a convenience store..

  • A real Muslim knows that a girl must give her consent before the marriage can go ahead. She must also be given a dowry and paid compensation if her husband divorces her.

  • AMEN! Add the lowlife degenerate spics to the list who come hear don't learn English and blast their music all the time. They need to go back to whatever h*** hole 3rd world garbage dump country they came from.

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