I have this need to be controlled

I don't know why but I fantasize all the time about other being controlling me. Like me being their slave. I want someone to use, abuse and humiliate me. I've never actually acted on it but I think about it all the time. I've always had an inferiority complex and I'm sure this is what it stems from. It used to be fantasies about only being controlled and dominated by the opposite s** but now it's also fantasies about younger stronger members of the same s** controlling me in a non sexual way. At times I wish I was a robot or puppet without any feelings so I could be the plaything of someone else. Yeah I know I'm screwed up.

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  • I'm the original poster. It's comforting seeing others who have this fantasy. I wonder what it is about us that makes us want this? I mean if these types of things happenned to us in reality in a non consensual way it would be devestating. I have a lot of psychological issues myself which probably others don't have. But its in my personality to be the submissive type.

  • I too have had this fantasy for years. I posted a thing in the relationship section on here called me too but its alot more graphic than this post.

  • I've had this type of "fantasy" for as long as I can remember. You're not screwed up. Don't worry.

  • I don't think its screwed up i ve always wanted to be abused in some way but by the opposite s**

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