Im 15 yrs old and i had a crush on my coach (21yrsold) i used to give him hints that i kinda like him but he kinda gave me back hints that hes not interested cus im 6yrs younger than him. Now that i got over him, i feel like he likes me. Hes been really nice and always treats me food and gives me gifts. I dont know what to do. Now, i like him as a brother and i call him "kuya" which means older brother in tagalog. He always texts me. My friends also feel that hes interested in me. I thought about it and i dont really know how i feel. I like him, but im not sure anymore if i like him as a brother or a possible bf. I havent had any bf before and i dont think i want my first one to be 6yrs older because he'll be more experienced when it comes to relationships and all that stuff and he will be more likely to "be the pilot and steer the wheel" of the relaitionship. And i dont think im ready for a boyfriend yet. Please help. .....(i posted that months ago)..now.... Im back.. he said he does have a crush on me. now he tries and talk to me every night! he also asked me to watch a movie with him but i said no. he still texts me all the time. and gives me gifts but i had a serious talk with him and told him that this is wrong and not gonna work out. he still does it though. idk what to do! he asked me a long time ago what kind of guys i like. and yesterday, he let me use his laptop and i saw a document and it's all there! our conversations before about crushes and everything. and the little things about me like what kind of foods i like etc.. he told me hes not gonna try and get a girlfriend until school ends. school is almost over and hes trying to get closer to me and it's scaring me because i might eventually like him and get hurt! and because hes my coach, every time we have practice, he calls me to play with him most of practice time. and one time on fb, i posted a 'lms' update.. and one of the questions was 'would i date you?' and i said no cuz youre 6 years older than me. then he sends this long message about how 'age doesnt matter' and that he has a coworker whos bf is 8 years older than her.

Apr 25, 2013

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  • He's coming too strong on you sounds like he's only want to have s** with you, he's not a gentleman.

  • Yes he is a predator. Please tell your parents immediately. That is not cool, he's trying to take advantage of you. Don't fall for it! He's a pervert!

  • He's a predator. Tell your parents what this guy is trying to do with you is wrong. If your parents won't listen go to a trusted adult. Stay safe sweetie.

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