I'm going to leave

I'm ready to leave this world. I'm about to be 26. My dad abused from when I was a little child, and manipulated me to keep staying at home.

I'm going to leave, not move out, just go to someplace better. This world is not for me anymore.

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  • Is your mom still alive,live for her sake.or if she passed away.than you have nothing left to live for.please find a reason to live.

  • Do you have bad stress like PTSD.please check yourself into a mental health facilty right away.

  • You are ill because of what your father did to you. There is no escaping that but you can get help to overcome the abuse. Please call your local distress Centre and tell the helpful person who answers your pain. You need another person to speak with and they can give you hope to continue in this world. Unfortunately, given your circumstances, the world does not look beautiful and wonderful to you anymore. You are suffering and your mindset sees no way out. You need to speak to someone at the distress Centre to help you from yourself. Please do this for me and for you and call your local distress Centre. They want to help you.

  • Don't go. Get out of that house and don't return. You know somewhere you can go, even a shelter would do for now.

    Your life will get better. I know.

  • Call out to Jesus Christ and tell him your problems. He will listen and He will heal you if you ask Him to!!

  • Where was your dear and fluffy lord when she was being abused?

  • I used to feel the same way as you do brother.i almost committed suicide.i almost did it,but i did not do it.because i was scared that i would die slow and slowley and with alot of pain in dying.and that i would not die right away.i was going to throw my self off a cliff.but the cliff was not high enough.so that i would die right away.i tried to find a higher cliff.but i could not find that cliff.So that i would die right away,and not feel any pain or suffering from dying,after dive-ing from that cliff.i did not do it.i did not die that day.because i was scared of dying with alot of pain of dying.i stayed alive,because i loved my mom,i did not want my mom to kill herself.after i committed suicide.

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