I still cannot forgive myself

So one day I went to New York, and I decided to spend my day in Central Park. I love it there. So I was sitting down on a bench just minding my own business, watching the lovely day go by, when this man asked me where Strawberry Hill was. I thought that I knew where I was and I didn't want to seem lame so i was like keep going that way. And they were like thank you so much. Later on, I find out that it was the complete opposite way, and I felt so bad. I decided to run after them, but I never found them. So to that couple whose day I probably ruined, I am so so so so sorry. Still haven't been able to forgive myself for that.

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  • James and the giant peach

  • It's ok. They probably ended up in some really bad part of the park and got mugged anyway.

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