Well this word love, I've always wondered what was the absolute true meaning of it. I've nevr quite been able to though and it bothers me with a burning passion. I know I'm young and most older people think us youngens don't experience or will evr find out until we're old bt what if we don't want to wait. What if we are ready for that longing of true passion. Everyone has their own definition bt I still haven't quite been able to price mines together. It kinda makes me sad. It's lik when I'm ready to settle down I can't and wen I get in the mood that I don't it seems it's when I get the most offers. I just wish sometimes that everything was ready together when that person comes into my life to make me fell and fall in love but who will that person be? Have we meet before? I'm not needy and I do not need a man to complete me cause I value myself nd have toooo much respect for myself for that but I do have the feeling of want sometimes. Is that bad? I don't believe so. But aye, every bodies different right. My friends tel me allll the time I'm Way to picky but I won't settle for less than I deserve. I'm not sayin I'm the best out here either but my self worth is too important to settle for wat doesn't deserve my heart.. Or love, whatever that is anyways. Ha, well, I guess one day I will find love and discover its meaning for me, so when god sends that special guy into my life then I pray that he will let us last forever with his grace and blessing. So until then... until then.

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  • You must absolutely be very very Picky , guys do not respect girls if they think they give their p**** away so easily , so what will happen when you marry him or her , the first chance they will be having an affair and it will be over . Be very very Picky . To h*** with your friends , look for intelligence , maturity, and respect , attraction brings on chemistry , but with no intelligence , maturity and respect it will never last . I do not want a woman whom has been with every man always comparing me to them . I want to make twice the money she does , or perhaps work so she never has to work again . I want a queen , If I get s** , it is because I deserve s** for good behavior . Men are not men they often are s** addicts , your nothing more than another daughter of another family , your a s*** in other words . Don't become a s*** . stay away from users and idiots , it is the only way to survive . People get married and live happily ever after for 60 years , yet most did not have s** prior to marriage , but they were honest , loving , intelligent and mature and respected their wife . Beauty is no longer Beauty , it is make up and a joke , you want to be loved , not used for s** when he feels h**** . You deserve the best no matter how you look . Tell those bastards to go to h*** if they are demanding , they are losers .

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