it all started in the 7th grade when my

it all started in the 7th grade when my grandmother passed away. I took it really hard, and I went to a teacher for help. I grew close to that teacher and even saw her as my friend. She asked me to babysit her kids, and I did. When i would be at her house, she would sexually abuse me. I knew it was wrong, but I was afraid to say anything. So it continued for some time. I never told anyone about this. I'm afraid of what people will think of me. Especially because that teacher was a female and so am I. I'm not homosexual, and I don't want people to accuse me of being that way. I try and try to forget about it, but it still haunts me 6 years later. My younger sister will be in middle school next year, and could possibly end up with that teacher. I'm afraid she will do that same thing to her as she did to me.

Please give me some advice. I really need it!!!!!

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  • tell the police. tell your mother/father first

  • Take up masturbation.

    Then you'll know what to do.

  • Tell someone.... NOW!!!

  • ...k. yea. dont let your sister fall into that. And dont just tell her not to be around that teacher. TELL HER WHAT THE TEACHER DID. Because without a reason, your sister could still possibly like the teacher and happily agree to babysit the kids...

  • /\\haha

  • kry*** = krystal... yup. not obv.

  • haha kry**** u tell that b****

  • your an idiot you need to tell someone and stop puting you own sister in danger of it happing to her

  • i think that you should go to the cops if this teacher sexually abused you. you shouldnt care what people will think of you or you can call the cops and say that she sexually abused you or call one of those hotlines you should stick up for yourself.if you are afraid that people will think you are wierd you should be afraid for your sister if it really hurt you , think about how much it hurt you. now would you want someone to do that to your own sister. please go to the police, if i were your friend i wouldnt think your wierd so go now and do the right thing go to the police an get that son of a b**** arrested and put her away for life

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