My Best Friend Might Be Bi...

When I was in 5th grade, I had a best friend. Me and her sat by each other in class. One day, when I was trying to listen to my teacher, I felt a hand go in my underwear. The hand then started rubbing my "area". I looked beside me and saw my best friend's hand in my pants. We were by the back of the room and we were the only ones on our side, so no one could see what she was doing. I don't remember how long this happened, but it could've been 10-30 minutes if I'm remembering correctly. I felt so embarrassed about it, and I accidentally told my other best friend who promised not to tell. At the end of the day, I braced myself and told my grandma in the car. She called the teacher and told her what happened. The teacher moved all of our seats the next day. I haven't told many people about what happened. And if anyone wants to know, I'm straight and I didn't really enjoy what happened. I have always wondered if my best friend was bi. I haven't got an answer. A few weeks later, the teacher put us together for a science project (she didn't do it on purpose). I was nervous, but I acted calm. When me and her were working on our project, she told me she was sorry for what she did to me. I accepted her apology, but I am still wondering if she's bi and what reason she had to do that.

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  • Good heaven get over it you were in 5 th grade , kids at that age don't know what gay is ... wow

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