I cheated on my boyfriend with my teacher

I cheated on my boyfriend of 2 years with my teacher then I kept doing it because it was such a rush. I just graduated and I broke up with my boyfriend. The teacher is now my f*** buddy and we keep in constant contact. He has a fiance' that knows nothing about any of this. I know it's all really wrong but I have been a good girl my whole life so I can't really help myself. I don't have any emotional attachment to him, it's just that the s** is AMAZING. I'm 19 and he is 27, I'm scared that I wont want to give up the s** when I want to actually get into a serious relationship again because I don't want to give it up now.

Oct 12, 2013

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  • I cheated on my husband and don't know how he found out. He didn't say anything for week. On day he took me to a party that turned out to be a warehouse he use to work in. He forced all my clothes off and humiliated me in front of four men that were inside and told them they could have me. I was raped for two hours straight and three months later he file for divorced. The rape was never mentioned because he knew I would be to embarrassed to admit getting punished in such a degrading way. Some times cheating turns into sexual degradation.

  • I know how you feel except I'm the other way round, I'm an older guy and I'm seeing a 19 year old behind my girlfriends back. It's hard to explain but it very exciting and fun and she knows what to say. I'm sick and tired of being a nice guy and she knows what I'm like and enjoys the tease. I shouldn't do it but it's so exciting

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