Mind control - Time stop

I'm a 35 y/o man that has had very little s** and that makes me angry / sad / despaired pretty much all the time.

Some time ago I found the fetish that would come to pretty much ruin my sexuality, Mind control, this is the idea that you can change a personsons way of thinking to force them to do what you want (in this case s**), I realize this is much more about power than about s**.

Lately I have been watching time stop p*** (from Japan of all places) where devious men stop time, have s** with girls (teasing them or not), and then leave.

These are basically rape fantasies, mind you I don't want to rape a woman, raping is a violent act and I'm vehemently opposed to it, but the sexual fantasy of having s** (if it can be called that) with whomever I want wether they consent or not is consuming my waking hours.

I have become increasingly solitaire and isolated from society, on top of that I dont work (I'm finishing my studies) and I live at home with my mother, I'm short, fat, and not good looking, so I 'm pretty much f***** and beyond hope in the "getting a girl" department.

Depression is starting to get the better of me, so I might not be going to hang arund for too long...

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  • Look dude, you just have to be realistic about what kind of woman you can get. Unless you're Brad Pitt you're not going to get Angelina Jolie. Women have three basic flaws; old, fat and ugly. Any woman you can get is going to have at least one of them. Pick the one you have the least problem with and go get her.

  • Hmmm... that's a though case. Physical appearance is not as important to women as it is to men (as long as you wear nice clothes and have good hygiene) but financial independence is. Unless you're pursuing a degree with real earnings potential you'll be stuck with relatively unattractive women. I suggest visiting a legal brothel. Guys who find it easy to get laid aren't likely to pay for it which means most of their clients are guys like you. Make it part of your next vacation plan. It'll give you something to look forward to.

  • Those thoughts are common when sexually deprived. Stop feeling bad about your thoughts or your looks. There's a lid for every pot and that lid will see the true beauty in you.
    Once you start having regular s**, those thoughts will go.
    You might consider dating sites. There are many woman who aren't hung up with physical appearances, and besides, most people are more critical of themselves than others are.
    Give yourself a chance, put yourself out there.
    Good luck

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