I see you sis.

For the past year I've been spying on my older sister. Why? Because about a year ago I was looking on the family computer for a photo me and her took which she uploaded from her camera. I found that pic alright, along with a pic of her topless. Probably one she took for her bf at the time. Now, I'm not incestrious or anything but it just shocked the h*** out of me.

My older sister who's in here thirties doing something so shocking, so juvenile, so unthinkable! After I calmed down I've come to realize that, well, she is a human being and she has a life as well. But just the feeling that I knew something about her that no one not ever herself knew about.

I've gotten into her emails, facebook, and laptop digging for all the dirt i could so I could see the side of her she never shows to family.

What have I found out?? She's bisexual. She has a thing for ssbbw girls. She has a fetish for obese people. She's cheated on her last boyfriend. She used to be a phone s** operator. She has phone s** every night with her new bf. (which i listen to)

Why am I doing this u ask? Because I get a rush out of finding out others' dark secrets when they think they're safe. Nothing sexual, just a fascination with how u can think you know someone and they turn out to be totally different.

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  • Brother should get a life and mind his own business and deal with his own demons instead of putting his nose in his sisters' s***.

  • You should post them online and link here

  • The norm for a teenager minus the fascination with lava lamps :).

  • Uh-huh. And what would she find if she checked you out?

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