My baby brother.

Ok, so i know my english isn't perfect...lets start with, after my piano lesson my mom noticed something about one of my baby brothers( I have twin baby brothers) she said one of his eyes is cross-eyed!i couldn't believe it. my response was denial, i was so protective and i hated my mother for saying such a horrible thing i wanted to kill her! then, suddenly my other brother started to cry, so i picked him up and went to sit with him on a rocking chair. i started to say nasty things to him in my head and it just made me horrible cuz i really did love him more than anything and i loved him just the same as his brother but i was letting out my anger to my mother on my baby brother and i want just die already. >:(

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  • Maybe he actually is cross eyed and needs to see a doctor? I don't understand why you got so upset because your mum said that.

    Sometimes it's okay to think things as long as we don't say them out loud or act on them. It helps keep us sane. :)

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