I want to be pregnant...

I really want to become pregnant. My husband and I have been married for 3 & 1/2 years. We have been trying for over a year. I know it's normal for this to take time, but I am really becoming frustrated. I am beginning to hate people around me that have children. I especially despise all of these teenagers who act so rash about having s** and then they have a "mistake". That "mistake" is a beautiful person who deserves to be raised in a decent home with a loving father and a mother who can properly support them. Not some dumb ass teenagers who just wanted to have s**, and then the father leaves and has nothing to do with the baby. Why can't someone like me, who really wants to have a baby, have one? I know we are ready. I just feel like mother nature and God are telling me otherwise..


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  • Just because you can't get pregnant doesn't mean that unwanted children are gifts to other people. I hate this mindset, you're only thinking about yourself and other people have every right to do the same. Suck it up and adopt if it's so important, or is it just about having a mini me? Lol

  • How about go f*** yourself? You obviously didn't read what I said thoroughly, dumbass. Was talking about dead beat parents, not the ones who genuinely love their kids. And you realize this was posted more than 6 years ago?

  • Defensive much, k** dumpster? Yes, it *was* posted 7 years ago (as I write this) and here *you* are, ready to lash out at anyone who doesn't coo right along with your dumb wannabreed whining. You definitely fit the profile of the kind of person who shouldn't be a parent-- you've proven with your repeated foulness that it IS just about you having a mini me.

    Hope your womb is so full of painful polyps that even IVF won't help. Which, by the way, is way more selfish than sucking it up and adopting! LOL

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