People are scared of me ......

People told my friend their scared of me and I don't get it. Please help me understand. I'm really quiet in school, like seriously quiet, I try to talk more, but I don't have anything in common with most of my classmates. And I am kinda secretive,but I'll tell them if they ask me, but no one ever asks me questions, so I don't answer them the questions. I usually talk to my friend in school and stuff ,but she's it.She's also the one who told me everyone's scared of me and I don't mean to scare them, I just don't have anything to say to them, Is that so Bad? And I don't see why me being quiet like all the time scares them so much. I thought everyone liked me , but according to my friend who I'm currently mad at but not for this reason, maybe they don't like me. Maybe they are just trying to be nice because they think I'm gonna kill them or they're just scared of me. The one guy thinks I'm going to kill him,like actual murder because my friend said that I hate him and that I was gonna eat him and kill him,so he believes her :( the other guy, I asked him if he was gonna ask out this girl. EVERYONE at the time was saying he was gonna ask her out and I guess I was the only one who actually asked him about it, so he's scared of me because he thinks I'm physic. And he said he saw me on a hill and my hair was blowing in the wind and I was watching him, what the freak! No, that's not true! And the guy I liked she said oh yeah he really liked you. He had the biggest crush on you! But he was so scared of you and he still is! I don't' get it. When you speak your mind, society judges. When you keep quiet, society assumes. I can't win. My friend says so like you gotta stop being quiet all the time when you walk past people and like being so secretive. It's who I am. Why does no one except me for me? Please help

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  • People can be fools. Sounds to me you are being open, but their lack of insight to ask you questions is the real problem. They are afraid of the unknown, and truly should grow up and reach out to you. Not saying you can't speak to people about things that interest you, like if you enjoy painting or something. That can be a great ice breaker.

  • Thanks , I'll try it :)

  • Sometimes quiet or shy people can come off as bitchy, strange and/or unapproachable. Even when you don't say anything your silence can be interpreted as unfriendly. If you want things to change, then you have to make an effort to change and let people get to know you. You can still be quiet and secretive, but maybe start smiling more. And if you don't have anything to say or share with someone else, just smile. If someone stares at you, just smile back. You may find you will get more positive reactions. It's something small you can do and may help you get a little bit more comfortable with others and improve your social life. Another thing that may help, is have your friend defend you when someone says they are scared of you. Have her tell them, oh she's so sweet just really quiet. And whatever happened with you and your friend, just work it out.

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