Now it's over

I just graduated community college and now feel like it means nothing. Everyone says they are proud I don't know why. I am nowhere where I want to be. Now I am scared go to sleep for the days to pass to quickly and afraid to wake up and do something wrong.

May 14, 2013

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  • Sounds like youre going crazy was there mental probs n ur family

  • Congrats on graduating from community college and you should be proud. Graduating doesn't mean your job is done. School may be over, but your life is just beginning. And this is just one accomplishment in the many that are sure to follow. Getting to where you want to be is work. So now, it's time to refocus on what your next steps will be. If you can, continue your education or get an internship somewhere. Take advantage of the job resources at your college or find jobs that interest you. Keep learning, keep growing and grow your network. You never know who you may meet that will get you to where you want to go. Use this time to your advantage of your situation. Sure, it is a little scary to wonder what is next, but instead of being scared look at it as a challenge. What does "wrong" mean? You can't do something wrong if you never try. And doing something wrong and even getting rejection from a job are not necessarily bad things. Because sometimes the bad or the no answer leads to the yes and where you need to be. And all you need is one yes. Change your attitude and grow some confidence and things will start to fall into place. Remember you have a lot to offer.

  • No one is where they want to be, or where they thought they would be. I'm 28 and work a meaningless job, making minimum wage. There's always someone doing better or worse than you. Just live life, do what you can and don't worry so much, you'll get somewhere.

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